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  1. nice to meet you i'm Nightshroud

  2. Tony Yotes - College Graduate

         As of this moment I am officially a college graduate! I got the paper, did the walk and everything! No more classes, no more graded assignments, no more classes, no more boring lectures, and best of all, all the time in the world to work on building up Yotes Games!

         I've reached the point where school can be addressed in past tense. I can finally proudly proclaim that I have graduated in 2016 with a degree in Gaming & Simulation at the Pennsylvania College of Technology! This is the transition point where I become a legit adult with incredible freedom and backbreaking responsibility. I'll be tackling these life challenges similar to how I've always done before. With determination, critical thinking, and a reliable moral compass.

    Once Battle Gem Ponies is out, I can take that next big step toward the happy life I imagined since high school... Saving up for a place of my own.

    1. Yotes


      It's so cool that schools are offering video game related majors now. It's not just computer science degrees anymore, and game design is being taken more seriously each year.

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  3. Screen+Shot+2016-03-14+at+4.58.46+PM.png

    Have to push back the release date of Battle Gem Ponies to give Pokemon Sun And Moon more room. I could use some extra time anyway. Expect it next March!



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      My first attempt at a project this big, and I hope it turns out well. 

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