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  1. b95034dc4b14d9a7dfb001a112be26ab_origina
    BGP demos just got a second home over on GameJolt! Give it a look, play the newest build, and maybe even join our little community forming over there.
    And if you wanna see what's new, just check out the patch notes on the latest build below!
    BGP PATCH NOTES (Oct. 1 2021):
    The Big News
    • Battle Calculator Overhaul!
    • (Much more reasonable damage outputs in battle.)
    • Settings Button Added to Title Screen
    • Glitchy Menus Touched Up
    • Weather Effects now Work Properly
    • 2-Turn Moves can Account for Weirdness
    • Equips Work When You Expect Them To
    • Random VS Match Team Loadout Bugs are Squashed!
    • More Gem Power for Everypony!
    • Troublesome Moves are Debugged!
    The Specifics
    • Switched to a Division-based damage algorithm.
    • Balanced stats using Ponatina as the base character dealing ideal percentages of damage with each move. (No more dealing 1% average damage to Furum & Poni-Bot anymore!)
    • Altered the way stats change on level up to scale logarithmically.
    • Made GP stat more plentiful.
    • The Game Boot-Up Loading Screen is now centered and readable.
    • Volume Settings have been added to the title screen and rebalanced on our end to sound reasonable.
    • The Change Moves screen no longer opens or reloads with the wrong pony's info on display.
    • In battle, exiting the FIGHT! button's move select HUD no longer continues to display a 'swap-to pony' if you were checking out a party member's moveset while they weren't actually on the field.
    • Pony Equips now activate at the start of the very first turn instead of after.
    • Issue where jumping into a Random Match right after boot-up forgets to load pony abilities has been fixed.
    • Item or Ability induced weather conditions now carry on continuously instead of stopping only to trigger the effect and begin again.
    • Weather bonus effects now kick-in whenever a pony enters the field instead of only being applied once when the weather first activates.
    • The moves Hex, Endure, Inner Power, Hex Powder, Night Fright, Cheap Shot, and Swarm Shield work properly now.
    • Outrage Aggro State now lasts 2-3 turns instead of 1.
    • Counter/Endure/Reflect/Bide now deflect all hits of a Multi-Hit attack.
    • 2-Turn Moves can now be configured to have different priorities on each phase.
    • 2-Turn Moves no longer ignore being put to Sleep.
    • Interrupted airborne state no longer continues the feather drop animation.
    • Edge cases involving 2-Turn moves and triggered abilities/equips/matchups/side effects have been tested and accounted for.
    • We now have the ability to clamp stat stages however we want instead of having -3 to +3 stat buffs hardcoded.
    • Status moves now take the target pony's class matchup into account.
    • Tutor slot moves can now be hidden if your GP is too low to use that attack.
    • Removed Nullified Ability Labels that mysteriously appeared in battle.
    • Devil Shot & Torment had their POW formulas adjusted to deal worthwhile damage.
    • Leech moves now restore the proper amount of the attacker's HP.
    • The pony-form lock state now actually prevents swapping out.
    • Mauss' Thirsty ability now absorbs Whirlpool traps.
    • Furum's Compensate ability no longer stacks and can activate on swap-in.
    • The Rainbow Rock item has been nerfed to give the user less speed.
    • Rainbryte can no longer use the Silver Scales attack (it's side effect along with her Ability was just too OP!)