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    OC Master List

    Name: Pupa Shard Race: Changeling/moth-pony Gender: trans (born female, became male) Age: 45 years Personality: Experiences memory loss and is emotional by nature. He's been betrayed by Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer. He's now a changeling royal who lives with Gemmery in Zarcian Tundra. A prickly sort of person who manipulates other. He tries to be kind but often fails. He is full of regret and sorrow, due to past abuses. If he was an element, he would be the Element of Justice. Description (can be picture): Purple/pinkish hair, mint green coat, a broken heart cutie mark (I don't know how to link a picture yet, but it's my avatar) Backstory: Pupa Shard has a gay sister, the blue Frost Shard mothpony who is an iotaphora admiribilis. They live in a small icy village called Zarcian Tundra together and his parents are Azure and Gust. Azure was seduced by Lord Scutellum, which resulted in her birthing the half changeling mothpony. The miralis crystal in Cryptic's chest confers immortality to him due to his mixed heritage. The Miralis crystals are a family heirloom passed down through the Shard family for many years. Pupa finds some magical artifacts that can enhance his natural magical abilities as a heartborn moth (which is like a unicorn among mothponies). Depending on his appearance, the Miralis shard fused to his body may not be visible. It is located over his heart and if it's broken, he dies. Normally, it confers immortality to him and he considers this a horrible curse. He has almost died many times, due to his heritage and being attacked by those that resent the fact he runs a changeling hive among the mothponies. He is currently dating Gemmery, a jeweler stallion with glasses and black hair swooped to one side. At one time, Pupa lost his mind and tried to take over Ponyville and all of Equestria and was badly beaten and left for dead by Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer. He now lives back under his family's care in icy Zarcia in an house made of icy bricks. As an ex-villain, when he visits Ponyville he is disguised and keeps a low profile, usually masquerading as a different pony completely.
  2. ButtercupSaiyan

    Pony Life Episode 1: Princess Probz

    Well, I saw it and it was bad. Do defend your position, though.
  3. ButtercupSaiyan

    Zarcian Tundra roleplay topic

    Make a mothpony and we'll make you a home in the cheerful frozen north! All moths worship the Sacred Flame, the bats and changelings are our enemies here, and we only trust ourselves and distrust strangers. But, still, we can make friends if we're given the chance. Would you like to know more about Zarcia...?
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    Pony Life Episode 2: The Best of the Worst

    What kind of fricking name is Dishwater Slog? Villain name if I ever heard one.
  5. ButtercupSaiyan

    Pony Life Episode 1: Princess Probz

    Can't wait for this to drop and you all to change your tune about it sucking. I'm calling it now.