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  1. SunsetShimmer#1

    My Little Investigations

    I'm trying to get this game to work on my computer but it won't load i can't find the newest version they made before ending the project for good. can you guys please help?
  2. SunsetShimmer#1

    Alterante "Bats!" Idea

    and if she still refused?
  3. SunsetShimmer#1

    Alterante "Bats!" Idea

    I wonder how the episode would ahve turned out if Fluttershy told AJ no for helping the others stop the bats: : "NO! I won't!" What do you guys think?
  4. SunsetShimmer#1

    Pony Life s2

    i find the series funny
  5. SunsetShimmer#1

    Pony Life s2

  6. SunsetShimmer#1

    MLP Don't Mine At Night

    does anyone have any other ideas on what Button should do?
  7. SunsetShimmer#1

    Shadow Spade Mystery Books

    I love the Daring Do books we can read, but I wish there were some Shadow Spade Mystery Books. From how Rarity describes them they sound fun, I like a good mystery.
  8. SunsetShimmer#1

    Happy Holidays All!

    Merry Christmas! Happy Hearth's Warming Eve!
  9. SunsetShimmer#1

    Rewatching Order

    I'm rewatching the series and am unsure if i should watch the EG movies in the episodes order or not. When i saw the whole series, i saw the EG movies later on. should i do that or do it in the order of the story?
  10. Yay! I'll never forget how much fun we had, and it's still continuing to this day (even though the tv show has ended, for now)
  11. SunsetShimmer#1

    Pony Life Episode 23: Pie Vs. Pie; Superb Six

    Ok Twilight! You've had enough!
  12. SunsetShimmer#1

    BronyCon Location?

    its fun