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  1. SunsetShimmer#1

    Equestria's Map

    When i saw all of Equestria's shape in an episode, and in other pictures, I saw that it looked a bit like the United States of America. I wonder why?
  2. SunsetShimmer#1

    IDW MLP Comic Release Date Tracking Thread

    i want to get those new comic books!
  3. SunsetShimmer#1

    Do you like the Dazzlings?

    Well they didn't seem so mean anymore (I mean once I saw them again) and I even had a day dream where I met them and asked them out for a coffee so we could catch up
  4. SunsetShimmer#1

    Pony Life Character Additions

    There are many characters being re added to the series, I wonder who's next? and maybe Sunset should be added
  5. I really love this movie
  6. SunsetShimmer#1

    Daring Do fan club

    I wonder what she looks like in the future
  7. SunsetShimmer#1

    Daring Do fan club

    I love that pony!
  8. SunsetShimmer#1

    Daring Do fan club

  9. SunsetShimmer#1

    Zecora In EG?

    We've seen a lot of our friends from Equestria have Human counterparts in the other world, and I know there's a theory that Sunset has her own, but what about Zecora? Does she have a human counterpart? If so where does she live? (I did hear that she could be quickly seen in a short that takes place during the Starswirl festival when the gang found Su-Z's puppy)
  10. SunsetShimmer#1

    What happened to Principal Cinch?

    After Cinch left the Friendship Games, we haven't heard or seen much of her ever since then. What do you think happened to her?
  11. SunsetShimmer#1

    MLP Don't Mine At Night

    does anyone have any ideas for what Button should do?
  12. SunsetShimmer#1

    Zecora Fan Club.

    That Zebra is the best. I really like her. (I wonder what she looks like in the future)
  13. SunsetShimmer#1

    MLP Multiverse 2

    I had a dream where i created a device that i left in three of the bad futures (cutie Remark) so if our Equestria was facing a big threat then we could use their help and training to get ready. (sombraverse, changlingverse and nightmareverse). and they worked and they all came to help out
  14. SunsetShimmer#1

    My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown

    it was fun! I wonder if the girls would ever want to visit Equestria again after this. (I mean other than Sunset, because she's from there and she's traveled back a few times)
  15. SunsetShimmer#1

    Another MLP App?

    Would it be bad or disliked if there was an MLP Pony Life App?