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  1. SunsetShimmer#1

    Happy Holidays All!

    Merry Christmas! Happy Hearth's Warming Eve!
  2. SunsetShimmer#1

    Rewatching Order

    I'm rewatching the series and am unsure if i should watch the EG movies in the episodes order or not. When i saw the whole series, i saw the EG movies later on. should i do that or do it in the order of the story?
  3. Yay! I'll never forget how much fun we had, and it's still continuing to this day (even though the tv show has ended, for now)
  4. SunsetShimmer#1

    Pony Life Episode 23: Pie Vs. Pie; Superb Six

    Ok Twilight! You've had enough!
  5. SunsetShimmer#1

    BronyCon Location?

    its fun
  6. SunsetShimmer#1

    Technology In The MLP World

    yeah they have trains and those ships, i do like the trains.
  7. SunsetShimmer#1

    Equestrian Holidays

    i don't know
  8. SunsetShimmer#1

    Equestrian Holidays

    We see that they have different versions of our holidays in Equestria Nightmare Night: Halloween Hearth's Warming Eve: Christmas Hearts and Hooves Day: Valentines Day But i wonder what they have in place of the other holidays
  9. SunsetShimmer#1

    Technology In The MLP World

    I seem to recall that in past MLP Generations there were some pieces of our technology (old phones, buses, TV, radios, cars, electricity, etc.) But there isn't any of that in the MLP we know today. Why is that?
  10. SunsetShimmer#1

    Equestria Girls YouTube Series

    i wonder what the hippogriffs, seaponies, and Kludgetown residents the Kirin/Nirik, or even Captain Celaeno and her crew. If Tempest had a human counterpart what would be like her broken horn?
  11. SunsetShimmer#1

    Equestria's Map

    When i saw all of Equestria's shape in an episode, and in other pictures, I saw that it looked a bit like the United States of America. I wonder why?
  12. SunsetShimmer#1

    IDW MLP Comic Release Date Tracking Thread

    i want to get those new comic books!
  13. SunsetShimmer#1

    Do you like the Dazzlings?

    Well they didn't seem so mean anymore (I mean once I saw them again) and I even had a day dream where I met them and asked them out for a coffee so we could catch up
  14. SunsetShimmer#1

    Pony Life Character Additions

    There are many characters being re added to the series, I wonder who's next? and maybe Sunset should be added
  15. I really love this movie