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  1. SunsetShimmer#1

    Bring Back And Save EG

    you're right. I've felt that way when the last episode of G4 aired
  2. SunsetShimmer#1

    Bring Back And Save EG

    Thanks. I also want there to more of Sunset. (she wasn't a background in PL)
  3. SunsetShimmer#1

    Bring Back And Save EG

    I want Euqetsria Girls to stay and be saved even thought G4 ended. who's with me?!
  4. SunsetShimmer#1

    My Little Investigations

    I'm trying to get this game to work on my computer but it won't load i can't find the newest version they made before ending the project for good. can you guys please help?
  5. SunsetShimmer#1

    Alterante "Bats!" Idea

    and if she still refused?
  6. SunsetShimmer#1

    Alterante "Bats!" Idea

    I wonder how the episode would ahve turned out if Fluttershy told AJ no for helping the others stop the bats: : "NO! I won't!" What do you guys think?
  7. SunsetShimmer#1

    Pony Life s2

    i find the series funny
  8. SunsetShimmer#1

    Pony Life s2

  9. SunsetShimmer#1

    MLP Don't Mine At Night

    does anyone have any other ideas on what Button should do?
  10. SunsetShimmer#1

    Shadow Spade Mystery Books

    I love the Daring Do books we can read, but I wish there were some Shadow Spade Mystery Books. From how Rarity describes them they sound fun, I like a good mystery.
  11. SunsetShimmer#1

    Happy Holidays All!

    Merry Christmas! Happy Hearth's Warming Eve!
  12. SunsetShimmer#1

    Rewatching Order

    I'm rewatching the series and am unsure if i should watch the EG movies in the episodes order or not. When i saw the whole series, i saw the EG movies later on. should i do that or do it in the order of the story?