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    Pony Life, Season 3?

    i'm in the middle abotu this. there have been some parts where i used lines from other stuff i heard. when i thought it was funny. but i'm excited for the new G5. i still love G4 but want to give it a chance. just like i did with pony life even with all the hate and bad reviews about it. same with the new Thomas coming this october
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    I saw the trailer and it looks funny and fun. I'm willing to give it a try
  3. SunsetShimmer#1


    I once had a dream where when i was still in G4 Equestria i made a device that allowed my favorite characters and friends frfom other wolrds to come here, and then it changed to where suddenly Sunny Star scout appeared but i was in the room alone and she was shocked at what i told her
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    I may watch it after i finish rewatching G4 or may watch it asap or soemthing
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    I love that song. this is so exciting!
  6. SunsetShimmer#1

    Alterante Cosmos Battle Comic Scene

    And after we freed the princesses, big mac and Zecora we fused with them and finished Cosmos off
  7. SunsetShimmer#1

    Alterante Cosmos Battle Comic Scene

    When i read the comic i had a visual scene where the ponies and Discord would combine into a bigger beast to fight Cosmos to free our friends. and it was an epic fight!
  8. SunsetShimmer#1

    Sunset In An Episode

    I really wish they had Sunset in an episode of MLP before the show ended. That background appearance in the Last Problem doesn't count! She could've helped save her home world. I would've liked to see her kick some bad guy flank!
  9. SunsetShimmer#1

    Rated "PG"

    hmm. I'm willing to give this genneration a go. I loved G4 a lot! G5 looks as fun too
  10. SunsetShimmer#1

    Sunset Shimmer's Birthday

    I've heard some say Sunset's birthday is the 6th of June and others have said it's on the 5th of September. I'm not sure which is right or when it actually is. Can someone help me? I love that girl
  11. SunsetShimmer#1

    Sunset Shimmer's Birthday

    oh, ok, thanks.
  12. I had an alternate version of the scene where Twilight was about to give her magic to Tirek for her friends, but in this version, OpThomas Prime (Trainsformers (cross of transformers and Thomas the tank engine) jumped in with me at teh controls and then i said "I don't think so Tirek!" and then hit a button that launched out a claw that grabbed Twilight and pulled her into OpThomas and then we fused to form a new robot to fight him
  13. SunsetShimmer#1

    Pony Life Season 2 Episode 14: One Last Wish; Wild Heart Beats

    I couldn't seem to find that episode on the site i used to watch the show. I really do want to see it.
  14. SunsetShimmer#1

    Alternate "SSCS 6000"

    What do you guys think would have happened if Rainbow had told Pinkie how she felt about Pinkie always getting so much cider? If it was in a calm way would she understand? If it was in an angry way what would she do, and would she understand? What do you think?
  15. SunsetShimmer#1

    Missing Wings And Maze-y Things

    I want to help Rainbow get her wings back but the game has a glitch and it won't let me get out ot the other places or move in the mazer. what's going on?!
  16. SunsetShimmer#1

    Was Sunset half-minded about the crown?

    out of all the villains our heroes have faced, none of them, before Sunset, has cried like that. When I looked into her eyes, I knew she was willing to change and be a hero.
  17. SunsetShimmer#1

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    that would've been nice
  18. SunsetShimmer#1

    Scootaloo Fan Club!

    I once had visions or dreams where I was trying to help Scootaloo, by trying to help find out why she couldn't fly so I could help fix it if she wanted. (key words: If she wanted). She seems to do well a lot without it, so she could still have a choice if she wants to or not. (There's nothing wrong with her not being able to but I want to help her so she doesn't feel so bad, at times when she feels she has to fly). (I also don't see how that applies to her human counterpart). (I don't have a problem with it, I just sometimes wonder some things and want to understand them). You're a great kid Scootaloo!
  19. SunsetShimmer#1

    Odd Dream

    Last night I had a crazy dream where I was on the Earth in Walle but it was cleaner but (not sure when), Auto came on and took control of some of the robots and they got some of the mlp villains too but worst of all they made Twilight one of them! Me and some other friends (charcters from other shows and gaames) were working to stop Auto and get Twilight back, we even had to get help from Plankton, who used his ghost thing to try to possess Twiolight and get her back but it didn't last long enough. So I went in and tried to get her back, we were close but didn;t make it yet. so we went for an aattack and I went ghost, like Danny Phantom, and got into Twilight's body and walked her out of there. (Not sure what happened or hapens next bnecause I woke up. and tried to write down this whole dream before i forgot it.
  20. SunsetShimmer#1

    Alterante "Bats!" Idea

    I wonder how the episode would ahve turned out if Fluttershy told AJ no for helping the others stop the bats: : "NO! I won't!" What do you guys think?
  21. SunsetShimmer#1

    Bring Back And Save EG

    I want Euqetsria Girls to stay and be saved even thought G4 ended. who's with me?!
  22. SunsetShimmer#1

    Bring Back And Save EG

    you're right. I've felt that way when the last episode of G4 aired
  23. SunsetShimmer#1

    Bring Back And Save EG

    Thanks. I also want there to more of Sunset. (she wasn't a background in PL)
  24. SunsetShimmer#1

    My Little Investigations

    I'm trying to get this game to work on my computer but it won't load i can't find the newest version they made before ending the project for good. can you guys please help?