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  1. “W-where am I?” Groaned Sunset Shimmer. “In Equestria silly!” Said a purple pony, in a crowd forming around her. “But this can’t be!” Exclaimed Sunset. “There, there, we’ll take you to the Ponyville hospital!” chimed in an orange pony “Nurse Red Heart will help you.” The pony tried to take Sunset’s hoof. “No thanks!” said Sunset “I’m fine! Really!” The crowed stared at her suspiciously. “Are you sure?” Asked a white pony, narrowing her eyes at Sunset. “Absolutely!” Replied Sunset Shimmer. “Okay… if you say so.” said the white pony hesitantly. To be continued…
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    Princess Luna Fan Club

    Pretty Princess Luna but now as a human
  3. I’ve watched Class Of The Titans it has Tabitha St. Germain who plays Rarity and Princess Luna
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    Alicorn Fan Club

    Rarity, Princess of generosity
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    Alicorn Fan Club

    Celestia and Luna were eating Alicorn Muffins (muffins with Alicorn magic in them that only Alicorns can eat) and Derpy took one
  6. Zinnia Dawn entered Canterlot High. There was a girl with red and yellow hair waiting for her. “Hi! I’m Sunset Shimmer!” She said. “You must be the new girl! What’s your name?” “Zinnia Dawn” grumbled Zinnia. “That’s a pretty name!” Replied Sunset Shimmer “I guess…” Zinnia mumbled “BUT NOW IT’S TIME TO DESTROY YOU!!!” She cackled. A flash of red, and Sunset Shimmer was gone. To be continued…
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    Fluttershy and Angel!
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  9. What’s your favorite MLP song? It can be FIM or EG