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    Scootaloo Fan Club!

    Welcome to the Scootaloo Fan Club No NSFW content allowed No Bad Language No Non- Scootaloo related activity
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    Scootaloo Fan Club!

    Scootaloo tries to fly
  4. In my opinion no he was not. All he did was make chocolate rain (not really evil if you ask me) besides corrupting the Mane 6 (he thought that part through) he wasn’t that much of a threat. Therefore, I like him better reformed. Before: After:
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    Shining Armor Fan Club

    Shining Armor: “Twilie, only ONE sip of Latte! Got it?” Twilight: “Got it!”
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    The Dazzlings / The Sirens Fan Club

    Sonata is my favorite Dazzling she is so cute and funny!
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    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    I think this picture of Dashie is pretty cool
  8. Meanwhile, back in Canterlot City… “Where’s Sunset? She should be here by now.” said Twilight “What if the new girl was actually evil because she was being controlled by an amulet and tried to destroy Sunset but actually just sent her to Equestria and now the new girl is coming for us!” Exclaimed Pinkie Pie “That’s ridiculous!” Laughed Rainbow Dash “Why a new girl possibly want to destroy us?!” Rarity nodded “I agree with Dash” said Rarity “A new girl destroy us? Why would she even dream of doing that! I’m sure she must be a sweet girl!” To be continued…
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    Favorite Musical Instrument(s)?

    Mine is the Cello
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    Applejack fan club!!

    AJ during winter
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    Zephyr Breeze Fan Club

    Welcome to the Zephyr Breeze Fan Club! Rules: Absolutely no NSFW content allowed No making a for example, Fluttershy post unless it has Zephyr In it too If you have nothing nice to say about Zephyr or anybody here please keep it to yourself Feel free to post your favorite pictures and GIFs of Zephyr
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    Maud Pie Fan Club

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    Maud Pie Fan Club

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    Harley Quinn Fanclub

    Sunny as Harley
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    hello world!

    Hi, Themightypurple! welcome to EQD Forums! I hope you have a great time here! We have SO much to explore!!!
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    Rainbow Rocks Fan Club!

    Hello, And welcome to the RAINBOW ROCKS Fan Club Rules: Absolutely No NSFW content allowed No posting a for example, Friendship Games post because this is a Rainbow Rocks Fan Club If you have nothing nice to say about this movie or anyone here please keep it to yourself Feel Free to post your favorite GIFs and pictures of Rainbow Rocks!