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  1. DerpyMiko

    Hello Everyone!

    Waaahhhhhhhhh D: Causee you guys are all awesomes and love giving a warm welcome! Thank you! I will make sure to do that some time! Hai there ^^ Thanks for the welcoms
  2. DerpyMiko

    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks! ^~^ I think I will as well. Thanks ^~^ Hellos! I'm sure I will too, looks like an awesome community. Thanks for the warm welcome! Thank yeww ^^ Thankss Uhhhhhhhhhh D: Too blurry to read with my derped eyes. I hope so! How could I forget my steam profile. D: Hayo! Hallo ^~^ Nice to meet you! Orange Haven't tried before, one sec. *Strains really hard, trying to combust* Nope guess not D:
  3. DerpyMiko

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello to whom ever is reading this! I generally oh so creatively go by Derpy, kinda a name that stuck from joining a PonyRP server on gmod a long time ago! If that's too unoriginal for you, then you can call me Miko. Anyhow, so I am a super huge gamer nerd :3 and this seems like a pretty awesome place I have stumbled into. I will also add that I'm not great at games, but I love them none the less. I also now run, own and operate said gmod PonyRP server that I joined by chance a while ago. I'm a bit of a sysadmin, and script hobbies. Used to be into making mods for games, I kinda fell out of love with that though. I'm also planning on hosting a TF2 server pretty soon, and a gmod pony cinema server! Anyhow, hope to meet some awesome people here!