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  1. Stalker

    Because why not?

  2. Stalker


    you there
  3. no one else interested in going to chernobyl ? boi let me tell you
  4. Stalker

    Dress the guy/girl above you

    i dress you up as a storm cloud, a really fluffy one
  5. Stalker

    im no one

  6. Stalker

    Dress the guy/girl above you

    i dress you up as a gmod error
  7. the zone is a beautiful place o-o
  8. Stalker

    im no one

    no i praise the sun
  9. Stalker

    im no one

    sorry vin, video is not available in germany
  10. Stalker

    im no one

  11. Stalker

    im no one

    ikr ?
  12. Stalker

    im no one

    i was never here, just ignore me o-o edit of real introduction: former moderator of ponyfortress2, been a member there for... about 3 years, found the discord of this forum and decided to make an account now im a 23 year old guy living in germany, play videogames, listen to metal music and do other normal boring things thats pretty much it if you want to talk, im like always in the discord server