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  1. princessofthenight


    Oh my god my body is so ready
  2. princessofthenight

    pheonix wright case

  3. princessofthenight


  4. princessofthenight

    My Nintendo is now live

    Only way at the moment is with Twitter :/
  5. princessofthenight

    Miitomo - Nintendo's first Mobile App with Miis!

  6. princessofthenight

    My Nintendo is now live

    And now Miitomo is live too!
  7. princessofthenight

    Searching m8s for CS:GO

    I'd be up for it but I'm in Australia so the lag would be unplayable :/
  8. princessofthenight

    Super Smash Bros.

    Oh man, yes please.
  9. princessofthenight

    Pokemon Direct

    Excited to actually start seeing some info about the new pokemon, new starters, etc. Finally, might actually have some starters that aren't ugly like X+Y.
  10. princessofthenight

    Nintendo Direct 3.3.2016

    Yup. Really excited for the new Monster Hunter.
  11. princessofthenight

    My Nintendo is now live So far, so good.