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  1. themightypurple

    im back!

    im not dead! also,probably nobody here remembers or even knows me T-T feel free to tell me everything that happened in like,3 years,lmao
  2. themightypurple

    Show me your OC!

    her name is patchwork,she is a pony plushie who came to life her cutie mark is a pair of scizzors and the heart represents her old owner's love she is quite short because of being a plushie
  3. themightypurple

    Patch is ready for nightmare night!

  4. themightypurple

    hello world!

    i used to go into these forums back when i was 7! before i even knew english! so im happy to have finally made an account here! have a dancing Sky!
  5. themightypurple

    OC Master List

    Name: Sky blue Race: unicorn/alicorn Gender: female Age: 17 Personality: happy,optimistical Description: shes a young pony who loves the sky,shes easy to befriend Backstory: she used to be an normal unicorn but then something bad happened during a magic spell and she got wings,she can't fly,though