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  1. TheBerliett

    Hello! First time in here!

    That's just it ... I have this weird thing. I don't know what to say, but then, when I start, there is no stop. And also I've drunk about 1,5l of Vodka that day, like I said "minor influence"
  2. TheBerliett

    Hello! First time in here!

    I'm the controversial one in Armored Warfare community. Everyone hates me, but everyone loves to be in my presence. Mainly 'casue I'm honest about what I think or blunt even, I dunno. We should get along just fine
  3. Well I know that there's probably dozens of post right now on forum, but I've seen non (maybe I just can't search properly) but here's the deal. I'm looking for some "friends" to play with. Star Wars: The Old Republic, it's The Red Eclipse server. I'm begginer. Last time I've played this game was about 3yrs ago, so evetything is completely new for me. Not to mention the economy ... but either way if, by any accident, you are still playing SW:TOR and your playing on TRE server, you're more than welcome to add me to friends list. My Imperial characters names are: Berl'yet, Berliett and Berl'ieth (I know ... very creative, but I've got some ideas on new characters that I'll create in some time, so give me a break). My Republic character is: Berl'yett. And now for something completely different ... GTA Online ... Yeah this game is something I used to play like crazy, then my crew broke up, they no longer play the game and I feel very lonely. I've got EVERYTHING and I mean literally EVERYHING you can ask for in the game so I no longer have a reason to play it solo and grind ... that's why I'm asking you, if you're still playing it. We could do something together and you could give me new reason to play this game. My R*SocialClub name is: Berliett. I'm lvl 200-something. Got too much money on my account and no idea what to do with it so ... yeah that'll be it. If you want to play with miserable no-life, nerd like me ... thanks? I guess. Have a great one and me? I'm gonna continue solo style, as per usuall.
  4. TheBerliett

    Hello! First time in here!

    Like I said, I'm Polish, can you blame me? 50% of my life I'm buzzed, so might as well take the opportunity to introduce myself, so I came up with this wall of text
  5. TheBerliett

    Hello! First time in here!

    Tbh. I've tried TF2 ... just wasn't my thing. I'm more into modern military stuff. That's why I wasted my life in Battlefield and ArmA games
  6. TheBerliett

    Hello! First time in here!

    Tarnów, near Kraków. And yeah. BC2 is a part of my gaming history. That's where I've won most of tournaments BFBC2 is still alive tho. But past is past. I have some good and bad memories of that times. Not going into details I can say that I was totally different person than I'm right now and I don't want to go through it again.
  7. Well ... sheeeet ... I don't like to introduce myself since I really don't know what to say. I've seen some post of you guys here but it gave me no ideas soooo ... here goes nothing ... Hello I'm Berliett and this is ... yeah. What this is? I'm a Brony for like 5 years right now, that is officially, because I've watched some episodes and some Fandom stuff on YouTube before "revealing" myself. I've seen some ups and downs here and there. So, I know about the history, to say the least, but my history with MLP is almost as eventful as the Fandom itself. I'm honest and loyal person and I don't tend to lie that much. So, I must say that my first impressions were rather offensive towards the series. Then the hatred became a curiosity, since I'm a rather intelligent person (very modest as well) and I don't hate something just for the sake of it, so I started to do some research about "what I'm so negative towards". So, I Googled some music and arts, fanfics even ... some of them I regret I saw, some of them were good. Music was nice, but I didn't exactly know what they were on about since I didn't watch the show. So, I started with Season 1 and boy was that a shock. My feelings were varied, and that's an understatement. Mostly "wtf I'm doing here?". But when the action started to kick in (Nightmare Moon and all that goodness), it was a surprise for me. Not every series that I've watched starts with something like that. What you don't know is I started to watch it in the evening, so no-one would catch me watching some little kids show, and finished up the next morning. I think I've watched entire Season 1. Then I knew that it's not the end. And here I am. A full blown Brony. From hater to lover. Just like in "Join The Herd" song. From the first contact, I've lo... I've enjoyed seeing Applejack on screen. But after some time, I've grown to like all of the Mane 6 and now Starlight even! My favourite antagonist on the other hand is Discord, for obvious reasons (mostly cause of de Lancie) Well ... I think that's everything about me and My Little Pony ... but if you think that I'm done? Ha! You wish! Time for some Fandom history! After all, without Fandom there wouldn't be any forum for me to write this stuff on, am I right? Or am I right? I've started shifting through Fandom stuff after finishing Season 2. I'm not that into reading stuff as much as art and music, none the less I don't mind reading a fic or two. On the music I'm not gonna write down everything, just the majorities form DnB through Dubstep, Electro, and House, to Rock, Metal, or Orchestral even. On Art stuff ... there is a ton of that so I don't even dare to try. Now time for some sad parts of my story. I ain't got so many friends in Fandom whatsoever. Maybe because I don't involve myself into it that much as I'm more passive person. But one day I though went over my head and I've created "My Little Pony: Tanking is Magic" modification to World of Tanks, which I don't play or use anymore, but still. I wanted to give something to Fandom and, at that time, it was the only thing I could do. It wasn't as much of a success as I had dreamed of but still ... it was a success to me personally. Hello? Anybody here? Are you alive? But after all that ... where are my manners? Time to introduce myself. My name is Matthew, I'm 22 years old. I'm from Poland. I've got my YouTube channel (in Polish of course) with a little above 5k subscribers. I've used to play Battlefield 2, Bad Company 2, or World of Tanks, the last one I regret the most. I've got bored of calling people idiots and stuff so I stopped playing it. Now I play Armored Warfare and War Thunder, occasionally World of Warships and Grand Theft Auto Online but above everything I play Star Wars: The Old Republic. I'm a Content Creator in Armored Warfare and War Thunder. Apart from gaming, my passion is to create things. I like to put together some videos, edit them for a while. It's fun. Sometimes I can ever write some fanfiction, but most of the time it ends up in my bin, because of many plot holes and stuff. Is that all? I hope it is. I must admit I've never put together something like that so ... don't judge me too harsh. I hope you're not bored to death with my rambling. I could make it longer, but what's the point? Was it a bit too long? Sorry about that. I just enjoy writing. Anyways ... Have a great one and please don't TL;DR me! PS: If there are some typos or something, don't mind. I'm under little bit of influence so I could open myself towards you guys ... I'm a very shy person, if you couldn't tell by now. PS2: For the last 30 minutes I'm reading this all over again looking for something to correct. I'm not paranoid! At all! ... well ... here we go! EDIT: Forgot to add ... If you got any questions, feel free to ask! I've got too much free time on my hands anyway!
  8. TheBerliett

    Looking for some SMITE Friends :)

    That's actually great We could team-up with my Mercury and ... wreak havoc with our enemies
  9. TheBerliett

    Looking for some SMITE Friends :)

    Yeah ... just like in the title. I'm an avarage player in SMITE and looking for someone to play with on Normals and Leagues Feel free to add me in game: TheBerliett Just type here cause I got lots of wierd invitations lately ... mostly from haters that are sad because and I quote "a brony fa* is beating his a*s" ^^