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  1. Cobalt_Cresent

    Payday 2 builds

    Sonata. It is something along your build I use. Though. Grinder is still effective because the nerf wasn't that bad. Grinder can still heal massive health if you throw molotov or shoot enough with your weapons. On my beserk build, I got almost all the skills in the beserk side. I can try attach some screenshots once I get on. I just edit this post though. And I love the 1.4 damage everytime I start the heist Also. Ex-president isn't bad at all. It works great, but it's healing isn't that good compared to some of the other perk decks. As well, I remember day one hostage skill, you got 30% health instead of 0.4%. And I ran hitman once because 0.7 armor regen. Maybe it can be more effective now.
  2. Cobalt_Cresent

    Payday 2 builds

    Well. I am infamy 13 with level 92 or something. And I can say. I already got some good builds, I just play with a lot of people from England or USA when I got time. Mostly having a crew, but well. That is effective. Plus. I normally use a Locomotive and until this was shown. I love this new Beserker build, otherwise I just went grinder with the sniper and shotgun. But. I am always up for experimenting.. Also. 740 hours in the game.
  3. Cobalt_Cresent

    Payday 2 builds

    So. Anyone got some builds for Payday 2? And if wrong thread to post, just guide me to where it should be Right now I am running a Frenzy berserker build with Anarchist. And I can say one thing. Even just with Lightweight vest, you're almost a undead god if you run around with an Eagle Heavy Rifle and just shoot everything. I can damage around 500 to the Cpt Shields. And this is bodyshot only as 68& headshot damage is putted into damage.. So, those FBI guys with vest, are killed in one shot and the shots is going through the armor, so they are killed no matter what. Hope you all understand my derp English, I am doing my best.
  4. Cobalt_Cresent

    Hello, hello!

    I am in the discord chat. So I will be active if I get quoted. Plus, I just am a nerd who will boast a bit about IT exam if people don't mind. I am a nerd in IT and gaming. I got quite some games to play other than the ones I mentioned.
  5. Cobalt_Cresent

    Hello, hello!

    Well. I wanna keep them for myself though, but I will just lurk around this forum
  6. Cobalt_Cresent

    Hello, hello!

    Actually. I just forgot about this forum because I am such a dork. But hai again! I will somehow try to be online ^^
  7. Cobalt_Cresent

    Hello, hello!

    Hello everyone! I am a new person on this forum and I can't wait to be on this site. It does look interesting and also joined because the discord group. Though, I do play a lot of games on my pc. List of them is a bit long but, some are: GTA V, Skyrim, Mass Effect (all three), Payday 2, Killing Floor 2, Warframe and many more. I'm always up for chatting and will try to find my way around this forum ^~^