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  1. I'm in the middle of designing an OC of yours truly. Should I make me a unicorn or pegasus? I'm torn tbh.

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    2. TealMint_Moonrise


      Ahh yes, the best of both pones.

      Alicorn is a good choice, but beware, although your new wings can take you far, (your OC being an alicorn,)

      it's best to be careful not fly to close to the sun (the realm of Mary Sue = perfect-in-every-way OCs),

      or you may burn up and fall far from the sky, descending for eternity, by your own making ......

      (become just another Mary Sue OC creator, like thousands of unfortunate souls every hour)  .......


      But of course, you being the one-and-only-Eda-the-Owl-Brony, that shoudn't be a problem for you :toki:

    3. Eda The Owl Brony

      Eda The Owl Brony

      Not at all. I could wrestle a shark with my bare hands if I wanted to or buy Exxon , Shell and BP.

    4. Mr. X

      Mr. X


      One possible solution -- make the Alicorn a "jack of all trades, but master of none."

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