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  1. SonataDusk

    Games that haven't aged well.

    Crysis also falls into this category. You need to download a special third party executable in order to make it run. This is aside from the fact whoever decided that the sprint meter and the suit energy meter needed to be the same thing needs to be knee-capped.
  2. SonataDusk

    Games that haven't aged well.

    FEAR. I'm sure 11 years ago that lighting was amazing, but the game is still abandoned office simulator 2005.
  3. SonataDusk

    Japan's Horse Dating Game

    Aaaaand now it can't be unseen. I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyways.
  4. SonataDusk

    Opinions on VR

    It'll be a novelty until someone actually makes a legitimate game that uses VR. Right now all we have are tech demos. We're a ways off from that though.
  5. SonataDusk

    PAYDAY 2 - The John Cleese Edition

    Anarchist ICTV doesn't work just because you cant get your armor back fast enough. Suit works better just because you're constantly getting little bits of armor, and if you have bullseye ace (or whatever skill give you armor for headshots) you can get most of your armor back from a single kill. But on the whole it's stupid and I'll stick to DW for a little bit.
  6. SonataDusk

    PAYDAY 2 - The John Cleese Edition

    Oh you have an RPG? That's cute. I have 18000 health.
  7. SonataDusk

    PAYDAY 2 - The John Cleese Edition

    Also, don't be surprised if every OD lobby (or at least every other lobby) has a cheater.
  8. SonataDusk

    PAYDAY 2 - The John Cleese Edition

    So that new difficulty is...difficult. After a few attempts I have learned that... ICTV Anarchist is not OP like it is on DW HE Shotgun shells do work You want to stack as many damage bonuses as you can Bulldozers are the new cloakers There is no such thing as too many med bags, or ammo bags. However much ammo you think you have, it wont be enough Everyone who thought there was a skill gap between OVK and DW is going to get a new perspective on things. That power creep we've been getting the past year or so is gone. Also if that new weapon we get is not the ACR, someone is going to get hurt reeeeeal bad.
  9. SonataDusk

    Cancelled games you wished happened

    I doubt Tom Clancy of all people, dead or alive, would've allowed his name to be attached to such a project.
  10. SonataDusk

    Cancelled games you wished happened

    Patriots turned into Rainbow Six: Siege. If you play Terrorist Hunt the terrorists are all American. Situations is the same way.
  11. SonataDusk

    Cancelled games you wished happened

    Before anyone says Prey 2, that game is being made. It's being made by Arkane (the Dishonored people) I believe, and It's being called Prey because making a different game with the same name as a game made 10+ years ago is what all the cool kids are doing these days.
  12. SonataDusk

    Payday 2 builds This I like to call Twilight Sparkle, because it's overpowered beyond belief. All skill points have gone into either boosting damage or increasing armor. health is irrelevant, since anarchist all but guarantees you will not take damage. As I said before, Overkill Ace gives a huge damage boost, so long as you are consistently getting shotgun kills. This, on top of Berserker and Underdog means that you can bring down any cop in just a few shots, and when the damage boost is high enough you can one shot skulldozers to the body. Fully Loaded ace allows you to not worry about ammo. No ammo worries, no health worries, combine the two and you get no worries. Now for the fun build. I've always had a penchant for focusing on melee in FPSs (an admittedly outdated exhibit A, so it's only natural for me to try and continue the tradition in payday. I finally got the Hotline Miami 2 content, which allows me to take full advantage of the Sociopath perk decks health regeneration. To inform, Sociopath gives back 10% health for melee kills. It also gives back armor and causes panic, but those aren't really important. What is important is boosting that melee damage to make getting health back as easy as possible. The boosts active here are Overkill Ace, Low Blow Ace, Unseen Strike Ace, Pumping Iron Ace, and Bloodthirst basic. In respective order, 75% increase to damage after a shotgun kill, maximum 30% critical hit chance, 35% critical hit chance for not taking damage for 4 seconds, flat 50% boost to melee damage, maximum 300% melee damage boost after successive ranged kills. A crit is headshot damage, and as an example a tan SWAT has a 2x headshot multiplier, which is comparatively low. Still, if you land a crit, which you are likely to if your concealment is 25 or lower, you will get an 850% damage increase! That's best case scenario, if you use a high damage weapon like the Katana, you don't even need all the boosts active at once to one shot most cops on DW. To compensate for the lack of armor you will have when going for concealment, low blow gives a little bit of dodge, although you will be going for a lot of melee kills to recover the health you will inevitably lose. The Silent Killer skills will help compensate for having no other gun related skills aside from overkill, and make the high concealment weapons viable. Despite me labeling this a "melee build", you will still be going for gun kills to boost bloodthirst. So there, an OP build for everyone and a fun build for people who like breaking the meta.
  13. SonataDusk

    Payday 2 builds

    Frenzy berserker is good, but add on overkill and it's even better. When you get DW revive health, you'll be able to one shot bulldozers with the Barrett once the Overkill Ace bonus is activated. I'm at work posting this, but once I'm back I'll post my exact setup for it, as well as a melee crit build using sociopath. We all know what the best build is, but this is just fun.
  14. SonataDusk

    PAYDAY 2 - Rise from the Ashes Edition

    Now to just wait for a sale so I can buy all the not stupid DLC I boycotted.
  15. SonataDusk

    Best Names of the Internet 2: Bester Names

    "She said she was 18" Tell it to the judge