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  1. JewelThePony

    Thorax Fan Club

    FWI I Drew it but someone else copied it for me ty! i am dumb XD
  2. JewelThePony

    EQD Artist Training Grounds 2018

    IT DONT WORK... I am on mobile
  3. here's the link for whatever reason it won't let me insert the image with the URL
  4. Thanks I'mma try to record some videos with her and I really like her design (heads up trynna find da link
  5. JewelThePony

    EQD Artist Training Grounds 2018

    A few digital pictures a I drew I really like them I apologise I do not know how to insert an image with URL
  6. JewelThePony

    Changeling fanclub

    Changeling: My soups to hot!! Souper-man: no need to fear souper-man is here! >>Uses frost breath<< Changeling: uhh thanks?? >>Licks soup<< Aaaah my tounge is stuck took cold!!! Souper-man: >>uses lazer eyes<< Changeling:AAAAAHHH TOOO HOTT AAAAAHHH
  7. JewelThePony

    how do i delete my account

    Hello can you ban RARAtheponyy bcuz it's my second account and I do not wish to have it it's getting annoying having several accounts thanks!
  8. JewelThePony

    Show me your OC!

    Possibly the only changeling oc here XD
  9. JewelThePony

    Show me your OC!

    I don't really know how to insert images but here's a link for my changeling oc
  10. JewelThePony

    Looking for an Artist [Request]

    (PS I'm not the best artist but I'll do my best!
  11. JewelThePony

    Looking for an Artist [Request]

    I'll try it! U want digital or classic?
  12. JewelThePony

    Equestria Girls YouTube Series

    How would changelings be represented in that world?
  13. JewelThePony

    Changeling fanclub

    http://4922x2842 PNG 3.05 MB
  14. JewelThePony

    Thorax Fan Club

    http://4922x2842 PNG 3.05 MB
  15. JewelThePony

    Changeling fanclub