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  1. why are so many ppl obsessed with TF2 items like unusuals and stranges when they are basically the same items and barely do anything different at all. Except cost a ton and open you to getting hacked.

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    2. Steel The Changeling

      Steel The Changeling

      its not like im putting anyone down for doing so but it just doesn't seem worth it to me to put in all that effort to get 100's of dollars worth of items just to lose it all to hackers or have that risk when normal items are the same thing except without that risk.

    3. Azalea Floria

      Azalea Floria

      there's 0% risk if you dont click weird things~

    4. Steel The Changeling

      Steel The Changeling

      You would be surprised at how many ppl click those weird things. Even though you have a point no one is perfect.