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  1. It's kind of sad to see all the servers so empty all the time. I never get to play on them.

    1. LegendaryR'QA


      I feel the same way. If you ever want to seed the server i'd be happy to help out.

    2. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      Funny, I though a certain Steel Crescent back on once said he had quit TF2 for good and was above the enticing allure of it's siren song, to which I told you myself mighty Gaben ALWAYS reclaims his lost souls eventually.


      Seems a certain madman was right... Dammit, Larson. :awesomecheer:

    3. LegendaryR'QA


      Larson isn't mad, he's a misunderstood geniuos