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  1. Applestack

    MLP in photography

    photograph (c) me
  2. Applestack

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Skyforge! More on my YouTube channel;
  3. Applestack

    Pokemon Thread

    That's awesome! It's already available on android? Where do I get it? Google Playstore?
  4. Applestack

    Pokemon Thread

    I got an East Sea Shellos and a Glaceon in Pokemon Go! Also I fought Uxie! K4nK4n (c) me
  5. Applestack

    War Thunder!

    My War Thunder videos using Tier V and VI tanks. More at my War Thunder Live page:
  6. Applestack

    "Legends of Equestria" (2017)

    Too bad they took out the Asian server (like racists). No way in Hell I'm playing on those super laggy American and European servers. Their excuse was that nobody was playing on the Asian server which was a huge lie because I've been playing on said server until they took it down and we always had at least 50+ players running around doing co-op battles, missions and just chatting around everyday.
  7. Applestack

    Pokemon Thread

  8. Applestack

    MLP in photography

  9. Applestack

    Pokemon Thread

  10. Applestack

    MLP in photography

    Those looked awesome! Source:
  11. Applestack

    Pokemon Thread

  12. Applestack

    Ponies in Second Life

  13. Applestack

    Tanki X