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  1. Rock Collector

    Um, hi! Brony artist, sort of.

    Welcome to this country, want a cookie?
  2. Rock Collector

    Hey what's up

    I be the flyin dutchman
  3. Rock Collector

    Hello all out there

    I knew you would come, so I didn't steal your line
  4. Rock Collector

    Hello all out there

    I have all pd2 dlc, welcome young one, you will be baptized soon.
  5. Rock Collector

    S6 - Episode 9 - Discussion

    Overall it might be one of the best episodes of the show.
  6. Rock Collector

    London Man Fitted with Bionic Arm - it has a torch

    If I can cut off my arm and get this, hell yeah! Screw actual arms I'd trade for anyone whom wanted a real arm!
  7. Meet Tara Strong. Or possibly meet an IRL brony that isn't really cringey.
  8. Rock Collector

    Poni Scale

    What is the size of a parasprite then?
  9. Rock Collector

    My Introduction

    PREACH I see. no please D:
  10. Rock Collector

    My Introduction

    I praise earth, and Gabe Newell, Я не говорю по России .
  11. Rock Collector

    Battlefront 2 Confirmed

    My skin hath fallen.
  12. Rock Collector

    My Introduction

    What type of dungeon? I don't have organs. Only solidified trees.
  13. Rock Collector

    My Introduction

    "Ask some questions aswell if you want"