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    Xbox One GTA V

    Polar Parakeet is mine, I do play GTA, but I tend not to talk, except to friends
  2. Rock Collector

    Arkham Games Remastered + More

    I highly recommend em, (they're being remastered so I'd buy them then). If you havent noticed I've been playing it for hours on XB1.
  3. Rock Collector

    Arkham Games Remastered + More

    Recently I have bought the premium edition of Arkham Knight on XB1, (because the PC version is still ick) and I found it to be a great and I highly recommend it even if it has flaws at times, Anyways I saw that the remasters for Arkham City/Asylum were supposed to come out but they didn't, Anyone else excited?
  4. Rock Collector

    Um, hi! Brony artist, sort of.

    Welcome to this country, want a cookie?
  5. Rock Collector

    Hey what's up

    I be the flyin dutchman
  6. Rock Collector

    Hello all out there

    I knew you would come, so I didn't steal your line
  7. Rock Collector

    Hello all out there

    I have all pd2 dlc, welcome young one, you will be baptized soon.
  8. Rock Collector

    S6 - Episode 9 - Discussion

    Overall it might be one of the best episodes of the show.
  9. Rock Collector

    London Man Fitted with Bionic Arm - it has a torch

    If I can cut off my arm and get this, hell yeah! Screw actual arms I'd trade for anyone whom wanted a real arm!
  10. Meet Tara Strong. Or possibly meet an IRL brony that isn't really cringey.
  11. Rock Collector

    Poni Scale

    What is the size of a parasprite then?
  12. Rock Collector

    My Introduction

    Guess I had never properly introduced myself. Hey Hey Hey, It's me (Mr Xd2, Rock Collector, Starry, Tree Hugger, etc). I've been watching MLP sense about April of 2014 (After Rainbow falls of S4). Things I like: Music Games (duh) Mostly GMod... Comedy (Evil Comedy) Hats (I love hats) Art (Drawing Cartoons n' Stuffz) 'Meemays' I'm an Ace. You'll probably see my on Discord but, I digress. I'm a fairly moderate alien who is in their own space. Feel free to add me on steam:
  13. Rock Collector

    My Introduction

    PREACH I see. no please D:
  14. Rock Collector

    My Introduction

    I praise earth, and Gabe Newell, Я не говорю по России .
  15. Rock Collector

    Battlefront 2 Confirmed

    My skin hath fallen.
  16. Rock Collector

    My Introduction

    What type of dungeon? I don't have organs. Only solidified trees.
  17. Rock Collector

    My Introduction

    "Ask some questions aswell if you want"
  18. Rock Collector

    Hello people !

  19. Rock Collector

    Overwatch Actually Open Beta

    I played the beta, it seems weird for my taste.
  20. Rock Collector

    Battlefield 1 Trailer

  21. Rock Collector

    >needs an arteest

    I got a few friends whom could help ye.
  22. Rock Collector

    Infinite Warfare Trailer

    Don't know how to feel about this, but the music is good. Wish there was Boots on ground.
  23. Rock Collector