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  1. Recently I have bought the premium edition of Arkham Knight on XB1, (because the PC version is still ick) and I found it to be a great and I highly recommend it even if it has flaws at times,


    Anyways I saw that the remasters for Arkham City/Asylum were supposed to come out but they didn't, Anyone else excited?

  2. 2 hours ago, AaronMk said:

    Oh Monolith, please shine your light upon this Собака



    1 hour ago, Badshot said:

    You'll see, don't mind the pleads for help, they just want to be fed.


    I see.

    1 hour ago, TheBakaProject said:

    Well, just throw yourself in the furnace then.

    Always have a plan B.

    no please D:

  3. 1 hour ago, Badshot said:

    Welcome, I'm BadShot, local Dungeon Master and Best Changeling, I rule over the RP section.

    Would you like to see my dungeon?

    What type of dungeon?

    47 minutes ago, TheBakaProject said:

    Let's not beat around the bush, you're not new around here, just hand over your organs and submit to our Mistress.

    I don't have organs. Only solidified trees.

  4. Guess I had never properly introduced myself.


    Hey Hey Hey, It's me (Mr Xd2, Rock Collector, Starry, Tree Hugger, etc).

    I've been watching MLP sense about April of 2014 (After Rainbow falls of S4).

    Things I like:


    Games (duh) Mostly GMod...

    Comedy (Evil Comedy)

    Hats (I love hats)
    Art (Drawing Cartoons n' Stuffz)


    I'm an Ace. You'll probably see my on Discord but, I digress. I'm a fairly moderate alien who is in their own space.

    Feel free to add me on steam: