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  1. HoofyHoofington

    L O N G Stoplight Fanclub

    Welcome to the L O N G Stoplight Cult Fanclub! This is where praise our lord and saviour L O N G Stoplight Here is the list of satanic rituals: On Mondays, we talk to potted plants On Tuesdays, we practice magic spells with Sunburn On Wednesdays, we wear pink purple On Thursdays, we attend Trixei's magic show On Fridays, We sing ancient shanties (In Our Town) On Saturdays, We drink hot chocolate On Sundays, We post images of our lord If you don't follow any of the sacred rituals or insult our lord, you will be banished from the club and sent straight to Tartarus. Allies: None Enemies: Starlight Glimmer Fanclub Thanks for reading!
  2. HoofyHoofington

    Hello, Everypony!

    I like Pink Pony, Pink Pony Cool. Hi There, My name is Hoofy Hoofington, I recently discovered this site last month, and I really wanted to join it! So I tried making an account, there where a few problems, but I took care of them! So here I am! (For those asking about my username, that's the name of my OC that I am currently working on, so stay tuned!) :)