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  1. On my way to Everfree Northwest! I'm just glad I get to miss a day of school for it XD

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    2. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      Indeed.  In hindsight, perhaps I should have attended the Minneapolis one, as that wouldn't have been too long of a drive for me (I wouldn't have even needed lodging; I could have driven back home to sleep).  I suppose I can try to look into general information in the meantime (I have never been to a convention of any kind).

    3. Ika Musume

      Ika Musume

      It was my first convention, but if other cons are anything like this then I highly recommend :approve:

    4. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      I will keep this in mind. Hopefully I will eventually get around to doing something (I am getting finished with this laundry list of projects at work, so hopefully my schedule will be better in the not-too-distant future).