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  1. I am sorry if this topic is not suitable here but I'm searching for a bike for my 3.5-year-old. I check some reviews about dirt bike for kids here, Like a champ, she will fly with no training wheels. "For her, I need a 14" bike (she can really ride, no issues, the 16 "bike of her big brother, but her legs don't reach all the way down). It seems that the usual girls' bikes for this era are all crap. For this generation, does anyone make "real" bikes? May I be directed in the right direction by someone? Uh, thanks!
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    Hi Friends

    (Sorry,my English is a little broken because is not my native language) Hey there. I am Trip Away and i register in the forum today. Im 26 years old and I am studding arts and fashion. My hobbies are play video games,my favourite video games are oldies and prototype/beta releases. I like smash, Pokemon, earthbound/mother, portal, TF2, plague inc, Isaac and others video games.
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    Stack of pones ready to get printed

    I used modular sets that I don't use as backs too much and thinned the paper to be thinner than the cards I played and sleeved them. So you can see the paper peaking out from below in the game (I use transparent sleeves)