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  1. Riky516

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    Cora Spondence
  2. Riky516

    World of Warcraft

    I'll be honest, I'm pretty excited to finally get started raiding again.
  3. Riky516

    World of Warcraft

    I'll agree to that. I got to max level by dungeons, which wasn't bad. But when I joined up with my coworkers and began raids it was like night and day. I cannot stress this enough. Do the research of what your weaknesses and strengths are and practice!! I sucked for the first few raids, but picked up druid healing pretty quick. It's currently my favorite healing class.
  4. TGIF!  It's the start of the weekend and the season resumes tomorrow.  WOOO!!

  5. Riky516

    World of Warcraft

    Keep it up! Healing is honestly my favorite route as I like the challenges it has. I will agree with you that soloing a healer alone sucks. Dungeons are about the easiest way to go IMO.
  6. Riky516

    Any Terraria Servers?

    I help run a server that hosts various games and we have done Terarria in the past. I'd have to check with the other admin, but I'm fairly confident he wouldn't mind some activity if we brought back the Terarria server. We mainly turned it off due to a lack of interest but it wouldn't be too much to bring a new one back to life again.
  7. Riky516

    GTA V Heists

    I'm game for heists! The guys I usually roll with are too inconsistent to run often, but I'm game for heists most days of the week.
  8. Riky516

    World of Warcraft

    Alliance side I main with a druid healer at 100. Horde side I've got an 87 holy priest. Though I really only know the healer role, I'd be down for a leveling run to learn something new
  9. Riky516

    Gamer tags

    Steam: Riky 516 Battle.net: RIky516#1815