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  1. Cardax

    Hello all out there

    Don't feel bad I had the same reaction lol welcome, if you ever feel like playing some rocket league and are not busy, and I am free, we should play a few games. If you have it of course. /)^3^(\ Also Dash is definitely best wonder bolt. YEA I said it...uhh typed it!!
  2. Cardax

    Really Spooky

    if you want some 34spooky videos haha Rob Dyke is pretty sporply
  3. Cardax

    Hey what's up

    lol good to know, thx
  4. Cardax

    Hey what's up

    lol, Is it cool if I worship the great pumpkin instead?
  5. Hey guys I am kind of new to these public forum things so I hope you can forgive me if I post something in the wrong area. XD Anyway a bit about me, I play games on occasion mostly table top and card games but also video games like skull girls, pokemon, marvel verses capcom 2, and rpg's like the witcher 3. I am a fan of cartoons and stuff like that mostly but I hope that on occasion we could get to know each other and maybe have a good time playing a game every so often if our schedules allow it. I own a pc, ps3, and ps4 if you were wondering cool hope know more about you and to maybe help each other out in the future /)^3^(\