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  1. =BoM= BakaNeko [DND]

    Hey what's up

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Friendship is gaming
  2. =BoM= BakaNeko [DND]

    Hello all out there

    Praise who? no, but i do praise the one and all mighty wonder bolt dash and what is monolitm's voice?
  3. =BoM= BakaNeko [DND]

    Hello all out there

    i have like half the DLC for patday 2, i hate steam sales too much.... my wallet is always empty after it
  4. =BoM= BakaNeko [DND]

    Hello all out there

    Hello all out there, not sure what to full say, But here it goes. My passions are gaming, Computers, and MLP. not sure what else to say..
  5. =BoM= BakaNeko [DND]

    Gamer tags

    Steam: captain_bakaman http://steamcommunity.com/id/BakaNekobendover/