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  1. Hello Everypony, my name is GR-Brony, but you can call me GR. I'm very much into gaming, whether it be on pc or console. Nothing much to really say about myself, only that I am friendly, competitive, and overall pretty decent at the genre of games that I play. I mostly play fps, but I love to delve into MMORPG's, MOBA's, Strategy, Arcade, and retro! I am sad to say that I only have the last gen Xbox console, the 360, so if you'd like to play some Minecraft, or Black Ops 2, message me and I'll add you~ I also mainly play on a website known as Roblox, so maybe we could game on there too. Anywho, that's all that there really is to know about me, I hope to find wonderful new friends to play with~