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  1. Does anyone here have either a PS4 or a PS5? I have a PS5 but no friends on my list.

  2. Happy easter :wub:

  3. Tomorrow is my Birthday

    1. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      Happy birthday! :partycannon:

  4. Happy New Year 2022

    1. Ika Musume

      Ika Musume

      Happy New Year!

  5. Good morning everypony

  6. :boop:

    1. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      Imagine if every spam thread were replaced with a boop.

  7. I'm always here if you need someone to talk to.

  8. Does anypony here have a PS4 or the PS5?

    1. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      I do not have a PS4 or PS5 (I seldom play video games nowadays).

  9. I feel, like nobody cares

  10. Good morning :proud:

    1. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      Good morning. 


  11. Howdy partner, *watches as the tumble weeds blow past*

  12. Hello hello

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    2. CowboyKid


      @Leonbrony17 I'm doing alright and how about you?

    3. Leonbrony17


      I'm glad you're alright. :)


      Eh, could be better. Lots of annoying things irl stressing me out.

    4. CowboyKid


      @Leonbrony17 Sorry to hear that.

  13. Good morning 

    1. Leonbrony17


      Good morning. :)


      Even though i'm probably too late.

  14. My Birthday is tomorrow 

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    2. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      Happy belated birthday!

    3. Shining Star

      Shining Star

      Happy late b-day

    4. Leonbrony17


      Happy Birthday Afterwards CowboyKid!


  15. Guess I am not going to be making too many friends here on this site :doublefacehoof: but that's alright I have MLP Forums. 

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    2. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      These forums aren't particularly active, but some of us still post every once in awhile.

      Greetings, by the way.

    3. Leonbrony17


      @CowboyKid Don't give up! The people here great! :)

    4. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball



      *Gives @Leonbrony17 a big hug.*

      Now you try hugging or booping him, @CowboyKid :happybonbon:


  16. Hello there. :spikeletter: I hardly ever come on here, like, hardly ever. I mostly spend my time on MLP Forums, but I just thought why not stop by here and see if anyone will say hi or something.

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    2. RaraLover


      @CowboyKid Sounds very chilled. I hope you're having fun! What game are you playing?

    3. CowboyKid


      @RaraLover just a little gta v

    4. RaraLover


      @CowboyKid Ooh, nice! I heard of the game before, just never played it. Have fun!

  17. CowboyKid

    New Pony here!

    Hello everypony, I'm new here and I hope to make some friends.