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  1. Synthetic

    Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer

    Going Cat. Owl might win me since he's two solid types... I'm actually looking forward to importing 1st gen pokemon... To the extent I bought Red and Blue on the Virtual Console to prepare for it. Being a horrible little min-maxer I'm currently just frozen with indecision at the vast opportunities before me in preparing them for the game... What's worse is I don't know how it's going to work game wise (mechanics, moves, et cetera). Uh oh, I might have to have fun with a game and not be a horrible no-fun monster for once!
  2. Synthetic

    Simplistic OverWatch Wallpapers

    I'm using this. I change my wallpaper a lot but minimal styles last the longest with me, and those are good colors. Thanks!
  3. Synthetic

    Overwatch:The Thread:The Game

    I'm loving Mercy when I want to support. Having her Imp skin helps that, though. Pharrah is my go-to gal and I have been giving it my all to be the very best defender with Reinhardt. I need to log more hours in this game though; my friends are playing it more than I am on my account (laptop at work, they'll just hang out since they don't have it themselves yet).
  4. Synthetic

    I should have done this first!

    Thank you for the greetings, all! I look forward to getting acclimated to the site and finding some like-minded folks as well as giving this Discord chat a try... Probably after I get home tonight. Got Magic events to run today.
  5. Synthetic

    World of Warcraft

    I was quick to follow a friend around realm-hopping, but my solo adventures were on Feathermoon. That was my only exposure to RP, sadly. This doesn't mean I haven't crafted stories for my army of alts, however... I play predominantly Alliance though my heart is always with the Horde (just too expensive to switch around anymore) and am looking forward to Legion with a voracious attitude. I was crossing my fingers during the WoD reveal for a Demon Hunter than was dissapointed... Come this new expansion I think I'm going to switch all my efforts toward one for the purpose of running challenge dungeons like a monster. I would absolutely LOVE to raid more than anything as I didn't get the opportunity this expansion but I can't afford to jump off Khadgar at this time and don't have the in-game connections to join a raid group (despite playing for 7 years and some change). Perhaps, as Scherzo said earlier, I should start looking for a guild? Any leads on guilds that want to start raiding? I'm a good rogue! Err... Demon Hunter? I promise! I'm on year 264 of farming for Invincible as he's my only connection to a sublime past that I can still attain (no Hand of A'dal anymore. Boo.).
  6. Synthetic

    Gamer tags Battletag: PyrrhicDecay#1448 PSN: Stimpaddict Been heavy on the Overwatch lately, have an army of characters in WoW and enjoying some D3/Hearthstone on the side. Not great at DOTA 2 but in love with the game. Plenty else!
  7. Hello! I'm Grant. I'm in my later twenties and am a co-owner of a Magic: The Gathering card shop. In my free time I am almost always playing some sort of Blizzard Entertainment game (the newest addiction is Overwatch). Never been big on the TF2 side of things. Blasphemy, I'm sure. Otherwise I have a limited Steam library and a few games of note on the PS4. I've been a long time fan of the show but never really dove in and used the strong community to get together and play games with people, so that's really a waste in my opinion... Still a little skittish at first but always looking for something to do/discuss/enjoy. I'm usually a quiet one but quick to get hype with fellow players and always give my best to what ever is in front of me. This introduction is a little light... But hey, it's 2 AM. All of my information should be in my profile should you see something you like or want to play a game!
  8. Synthetic

    OverWatch Clan ? Maybe we can build it

    Count me in for Overwatch (and any other sort of Blizzard games!): PyrrhicDecay#1448