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  1. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

    Thanks! ^~^
  2. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    French brony incoming!

    Hello, Samy! It's great to meet you! ^~^ If you ever want to game together or just chat, feel free to hit me up!
  3. [C*G*C] Hrothgar


    Hello, Rosey! Sadly I can't give any tips since I'm new here as well XD But I wish you luck in finding out on what you want to know! But if I can ever be of any help I'll be here!
  4. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello i exist now

    Hello Starly! I'm new here as well but I wanted to say welcome! I hope we can game together and that you enjoy your time here!
  5. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

    XD Well, It's nice to meet you Doodle! Hope to see you around! ... Yes Hello there Landstrider! I hope to see you around threads and chat as well!
  6. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

  7. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

    Well sounds great to me! I look forward gaming, Rping, or even just talking with you! ^~^
  8. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

    xD Thanks, Sky! I'm sure I will enjoy this little slice of the Internet!
  9. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

    No problem! Hope to see you around!
  10. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

    Hello, Uber! Glat to meet you! If we get the chance to game together I'd happily accept!
  11. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

    XD Well it's a great greeting! And I hope we can as well!
  12. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

    XD Well Thanks, LuigiFan!
  13. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

    Thanks! glad to be here! ^~^
  14. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

    Well Hello, Nova! Thank you for being so kind!
  15. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

    .... Yes