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  1. 11 hours ago, LuigiFan45 said:












    10 hours ago, AssassinPone said:

    Hello There!

    I'm the AssassinPone! But you can call me Doodle if ya want! I'm your resident Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, and Gravity Falls hyped Trashcan

    I usually hang out in the forum games, sometimes in the general gaming or the Playstasion sub thread (currently looking for a few PSN friends of course) and the discord chat (same username)

    Enjoy ya stay!



    Well, It's nice to meet you Doodle!  Hope to see you around! 


    6 hours ago, AaronMk said:

    Do you praise Tengri?


    Do you listen for the Monolith's voice?



    ... Yes :P


    1 hour ago, Light Landstrider said:

    Man how did I miss you? I swear I checked the forums earlier...oh well


    Hello Hrothgar, welcome to the forums, I hope you'll find everything to your liking and enjoy your stay :happybonbon:

    See you around the threads and the discord chat.



    Hello there Landstrider! I hope to see you around threads and chat as well! 

  2. Just now, Toki Zensekai said:

    Hi Hrothgar, I'm Toki Zensekai, the resident Nintendo, Gun-loving, Dr. Pepper nut here on the forums. I got a large repretoir of games and I love to RP a lot (especially with bat ponies... :rariwat: )

    I think we'll get along great. :toki:

    Enjoy your stay here. :D



    Well sounds great to me! I look forward gaming, Rping, or even just talking with you! ^~^

  3. 4 minutes ago, Skyrazer said:

    Hello there and welcome to the forums. :sunset:

    I'm Skyrazer, just Sky's fine, (one of the) local Codemonkey and PC enthusiast.

    Hope you enjoy your stay in our little slice of hell the void the infernal plane oblivion the Internet.



    xD Thanks, Sky! I'm sure I will enjoy this little slice of the Internet!

  4. 7 minutes ago, Über.exe said:

    Hi! I'm Just Uber, but just call me Uber. Im kinda new to the forum and im open to make friends. I play tf2, gmod, overwatch, sometimes cs:go.



    Hello, Uber! Glat to meet you! If we get the chance to game together I'd happily accept! 

  5. 21 minutes ago, Nova S. Aurora said:

    Good [insert relevant time-word here relative to individual's location and current position in time].
    Welcome to the forums!

    I am Nova Starlight Aurora, call me Nova.


    I hope you enjoy your stay You're here forever, there is no escape.



    Well Hello, Nova! Thank you for being so kind!

  6. 14 minutes ago, Steel Crescent said:

    Nice to meet you (High)Hrothgar :3

    A lot of fun nice people around here. Im sure you will love it. If you like TF2 or other kinds of games or just wanna hang around the forum we have everything to cover your needs.




    XD Well nice to meet you to Steel Crescent! I'm sure I shall find lot's of stuff to do within the FiG forums and community!

    5 minutes ago, Cyber Commander said:

    Welcome on board. If you have any questions about the place feel free to ask me.


    Thanks, Cyber! I'll keep that in mind! :D

  7. 2 minutes ago, Badshot said:

    Greetings! I'm BadShot, loc-


    I'm BadShot, Best Changeling and local Dungeon Master. I rule over the RP section of the forums, and now with my new rank, I have power over it.

    Hope to see you around.




    Hello, BadShot! Thanks for introducing yourself! I hope I shall see you soon as well!

  8. Hello! I'm glad to have a chance to hopefully game with some of you, chat, and RP with others! I mostly game on steam playing games like Civilization 5, Stellaris, CS:GO, Gmod, TF2, and more! I also have been getting into Roleplay and tabletop gaming. So if you ever want to chat, game, Rp, etc. Just let me know if I'm on!