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    Steam name: Mr Janus Uplay name: Dr_Pikachu
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    Hello everybrony! I am Starly Glimmerwhale, and i am not good at talking and have no idea what i am saying currently in this instant when i am writing this introduction thing (that's actually how i talk) I play games a lot (as in that's pretty much everything i do) and some of the games i have that you can play with me in are CS:GO (i pretty much never play it though), AC:Unity, TF2, LoL (don't play that very much either), Unturned and of course, Pokémon X and Alpha Sapphire. I would love to play anything with anybrony here! So yeah, that's pretty much me. All of me. Everything you need to know. Right there. I am really tired. I am writing this at the middle of the night though, so that could have something to do with it That's it for now everbrony, Starly out! Ciao!