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  1. Rubber

    Legends of Equestria Private Server

    If you have any questions, let me know.
  2. So. I was going through some old forums and found a private server on LoE called Lemoncest. It's got no NPCs or combat but it's roleplay rich, dedicated and has active moderation and updates. So it's 27/7 ponies. And it's good for when you don't want to wait for one the rare open server weekends on LoE's original game. Yes. It's legit too. I spent some time last night talking to both the creator and playing it with a friend. Or just google it if you're really paranoid. It's a real thing. Here's the website. Just read the instructions OR in case you get confused or stuck (The installer has crashing issues, the creator made it a good time ago), here's the dumbed down version: Here's the client. Download this and extract it into a folder wherever you're most comfortable with. i.e. a folder in documents labeled LoE. It includes two things. The LoE_64_Data folder and LoE_64 (The actual game which you'll click to play, go ahead and shortcut LoE_64 to your desktop.) After that's done, download this. These are required in order to play. Extract this into LoE_64_Data into the folder labeled Managed exactly. It'll ask you to replace files, click yes to all. Finally, you'll need to make a login for the server itself. Which isn't hard. Just go to this link: Make a username and password you'll remember. No email required. Afterwords, go and read the Rules and accept it at the bottom. This is also required for you to play. After all of this is done, launch the shortcut you created and login with the account you created and yeah. Controls are little wonked but only minor things. Moderators are identified by a red M next to their name, while admins have a white A. Please follow what they say, this is THEIR server after all. I just have permission to help increase the amount of players from the average 30 or so to how many of you want to join. Also note, type "/?" into the chat to get commands on what to do. Type "/n" to see a list of players. Type "/rooms" to see all locations for you to teleport to. And type "/tp (room name)" to teleport to that room. Also note that you have to click the chat after you teleport in order to move. Otherwise you'll just sit there unresponsive. Have fun being ponies! I hope to see you there! /)
  3. Rubber

    Ambient - The Horse Game

    This game actually looks pretty amazing.
  4. Praise the divine Riceness! \o/
  5. Thanks even though i don't think im very good, it's appreciated.
  6. Yeh. Aren't they making a movie for it or something?
  7. Thanks for the welcome, guys. I appreciate it!
  8. So I should probably do this or no one will know I exist. Hello, I'm Rubber and I'm an Xbox 360 and PC gamer who also draws and all that magical stuff. Here's some of my art if you care about that. Lol.
  9. Rubber

    Share Your Gamertags!

    GT: RubberPique Console: Xbox 360 Please message me along with the request letting me know you found me on FiG.