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  1. Hi user :)

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    2. "User"


      Hi :3 How are you?

    3. leonbrony17


      I'm good :) What about you?

    4. "User"


      Just chilling in the EQD discord, I spent a lot of my time there

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      >implying that a majority of the comments won't contain deaguratory terms against bronies

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      >Forums still dead

      >EQD doesn't even have TWO STARS

  2. Decided to try and continue working longer days

  3. Hascon

    You got at least three major cons that occur in San Fran, LA, and San Diego every year with the exception of EQLA. You should go to all of them :3
  4. Hascon

    Who else is considering going to this? Myself, Borg, Kat, and some others from the EQD blog side of things are going? Not a lot of information out yet although Hasbro running an official convention that includes ponies sounds intriguing. Too curious for me to pass up! http://hascon.hasbro.com/
  5. At least we can both agree on Sunset being top tier...
  6. I know right? You wouldn't believe the number of times myself or Seth have heard that!
  7. Nah, lots of people don't like best ponies for whatever reason. Being open and accepting of everypony's opinions are the markings of a loving and tolerating pony.
  8. Monthly reminder that Trixie and Starlight are the best ponies.

    1. LostSanity


      *locks and loads*


  9. Positivity in 2017~

    Guys, as the OP already pointed out this is a topic where that kind of discussion really doesn't need to be in here. Take your bickering elsewhere please.
  10. Positivity in 2017~

    It will be a great time for investing and all that as deregulation and all the dumb restrictions on business are lifted. Hell, ever since the election was over the stock markets and thus company profits have done exceptionally well - not to mention the unemployment rate going down. Multiple interest rate hikes this year are assured. The #1 priority most people have every election is the economy and when that's going well most other things take a back seat. Also, I'm trying to head out to more conventions this year, at least 3.
  11. Starlight Glimmer fan club :3

    I also love the evil glimglam more than the reformed. The fact that she's insanely powerful is also a real sticking point for me. :3
  12. Starlight Glimmer fan club :3

    Such an amazing pony that gets tons of attention on the EQD blog! #glimglam
  13. Starlight Glimmer: hate or great?

    I've usually seen them in Starlight or Trixie related blog entries concerning Season 6
  14. Starlight Glimmer: hate or great?

    As much as I love GlimGlam as 2nd best pony I think what gets a lot of ponies up in arms is the fact that she is promoted to a ridiculously crazy extent by some pretty hardcore cult of equality fanatics on places like EQD. Trixie is kinda in the same boat since the end of Season 6. There is so much of this that this ends up riling fans of other more popular characters who are sick and tired of seeing people worshiping her on a consistent basis and cramming her down their throats. While Starlight and Trixie are definitely far more likable then they used to be in the past (not that there was any viable reason to dislike them in the first place ) the amount of attention they have been getting has definitely pissed off some people and I can understand why she gets his indirect hate.