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    1. Fragrant



    2. Sylveon


      >implying that a majority of the comments won't contain deaguratory terms against bronies

    3. AaronMk




      >Forums still dead

      >EQD doesn't even have TWO STARS

  1. Decided to try and continue working longer days

  2. Monthly reminder that Trixie and Starlight are the best ponies.

    1. LostSanity


      *locks and loads*


  3. Trixie and Starlight have always been best ponies, but I find it funny that it's only in the last season or so that all the Trixie/Starlight haters that I've seen over the seasons have now come to love best ponies. 

    1. Stormugandr


      glimglam op pls nerf

      where are our glimglam emotes already?

    2. StarlightGlimmer


      Indeed, maybe its since they are reformed? 

  4. I cannot get my mind off the finale and probably won't be able to for a week or 3.

    1. StarlightGlimmer


      I can't stop watching it 

    2. Spasco


      It has combined all of my favorite characters into one episode... It couldn't get much better!

  5. I welcome all the migrating members and I'm sure everypony will have a great time! If you have any questions about anything don't hesitate to ask any of the mods or admins.

  6. Great baseball game I was at last night!

  7. I need to go to this new pony convention in Las Vegas...

    1. AaronMk


      Fear and Loathing at Sin Pony Convention. Featuring User as Hunter S. Thompson.

  8. Ponies

    1. AaronMk
    2. Misscellanio


      Finally I found a brony on this website

    3. AaronMk





      I'm sorry, but this is a CHRISTIAN board. You'll have to take your deviance elsewhere!

  9. What a weekend on the forums! 

  10. This is going to be an interesting weekend now that the forums are up.

    1. KatevceTalamasey


      I would imagine its going to be.

    2. Nova S. Aurora
    3. Venom Snake

      Venom Snake

      The magic is now unleash, it's to late now, it cannot be stopped.

  11. Can't wait for the weekend! :3

  12. I'm about half way through Season 4 now, having watched 10 episodes last night. 

    1. Error
    2. "User"


      I went from S4 E3 to E12 or 13.  Those episodes were either "meh" or "pretty good"

    3. LegendaryR'QA


      s4 is the best one since 2 imo

  13. This will be the 4th major community I've been a part of for at least a couple of years and in some mod/admin capacity since 2007.  Looking forward to starting afresh again!