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  1. Spyrophantom

    TF2 Squad?

    alright to both of you, ill need your steam contacts to get this started
  2. Spyrophantom

    TF2 Squad?

    Hot Damn! alrighty! ill add u on steam and we can chat for a bit
  3. Spyrophantom

    TF2 Squad?

    since im basically unable to play with my friend because of some stuff, i wish to create a squad of around 6-9 people to play with in TF2, given that all of my other friends don't play with me that much anymore. so here are the requirements: * Must have 1,000 + Hours in TF2 *Is able to get along well with others *Does not mind Cancerus Memes (Or Joking around) Reply with your 3 Mains and ill make room for ya! .:BTW, the person making this post is a Pyro Main:.