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  1. When I hit Quote on a post, it just brings up a normal reply box.

  2. Is there a general TF2 section?

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    2. Frécinette


      You can post in FiG TF2 Servers even if it doesn't directly involve the FiG servers.

    3. davidhsonic
    4. AaronMk


      Really I wouldn't be too worried about section, if the mods disagree with its location they can move it. But given the forum's slow activity we shouldn't worry about if something will work or fit somewhere. If it's something to talk about: post it. Just post it. Get content on this board to inspire conversation.

  3. Okay, the banner up top is now "Equestria Daily". Y tho?

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    2. davidhsonic


      But we had a banner.

    3. Cyber Commander

      Cyber Commander

      Yes and you can switch back to the old FiG banner by going to themes at the bottom of the main page

    4. davidhsonic