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    Post yer desktops

    My desktop background changes between 30-40 different ones once every few seconds. I... could try to find out how to post an album? Still not sure how old a post is too old to post... to.
  2. davidhsonic

    Your Theme Song

    I don't know of a song that says lonely gamer nerd, so I'll just post my favorite. ...I don't think this is a necro, but if it is, I'm okay with it, because this is a good thread.
  3. davidhsonic

    Favourite TV shows/movies

    I... think this is recent enough that this isn't a necro? Uh, anyway, I like MLP, Doctor Who, Star Trek: The Next Generation (just that series), and I kind of like a couple of shows on the Science Channel. Movies: The first three EQG films (haven't seen the fourth yet, but I'll probably like it), The first... two Matrix movies, I think?, all of that one Batman trilogy, the more recent Star Wars movies were decent. I also think most movies and tv shows are terrible, and the shows that aren't don't interest me at all.
  4. davidhsonic

    Pony Town

    I have 48 characters in Pony Town. All of them show my Google+ account, which has the same username as this one. Whatever it's made for, it's mainly used for roleplaying. It's also possible to coordinate a virtual meetup, but that's only sort of worth it.
  5. When I hit Quote on a post, it just brings up a normal reply box.

  6. I made this at least a year ago, and feel like posting this here. I'm completely fine with this getting buried.
  7. Is there a general TF2 section?

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    2. Frécinette


      You can post in FiG TF2 Servers even if it doesn't directly involve the FiG servers.

    3. davidhsonic
    4. AaronMk


      Really I wouldn't be too worried about section, if the mods disagree with its location they can move it. But given the forum's slow activity we shouldn't worry about if something will work or fit somewhere. If it's something to talk about: post it. Just post it. Get content on this board to inspire conversation.

  8. davidhsonic

    Nation States

    http://imgur.com/gallery/2EIAA Apparently I'm doing something right.
  9. davidhsonic

    The music sharers!

  10. davidhsonic

    How much are you like/How did you create your OC?

    Mine started as a Sonic OC before I found FIM, then became an OP semi-showoff, because I was younger then, and bored. Once I found FIM, I started to form a general idea of what he'd look like, act like, and do as a pony. Semi-recently, I finally decided on an appearance. As I am uncreative, his appearance is entirely based on my favorite pattern (green lightning on a black background). Same with the name, Sparkplug (lightning) Blacknight (black). As for personality, I have a weird (but maybe not uncommon?) relationship with him. I figured out at some point that I could entertain myself by imagining him in different scenarios, but, as I am, again, uncreative, I only was able (and am able, generally) to think of him in the context of a piece of fiction I just read or watched. In order to explain why he was in these universes (or maybe the reasoning came first, idk) he has the ability to travel between universes, and does so frequently, even using his OP-ness to cut out the need for basic body functions such as sleep and eating to have more time to travel universes and talk to the main characters in them. At some point he (I) realized that using his abilities to solve the problems of the characters in the universes he visited would be unfulfilling (boring) for them (me), so he (I) decided he would go to comedy instead, because it feels significant to the receiver but doesn't change much in the long run (also I kind of got into comedy a little at the time, so that probably contributed). The rest I filled in with my (if I wasn't introverted and constantly hesitant) personality, because, again, I am uncreative. So, he's a nerd trying to be funny who also can show off but only does so for the benefit of the audience and to prove that he can. (Did I do it right or is this just a character bio?)
  11. davidhsonic

    So does any pony play that iOS FiM game?

    I play the town building one, and it's great that the parasprites show up so often, because getting rid of them and their equivalents is the only way around the massive paywall you run into. And I have on post on here where I asked for friend codes and got a few.
  12. davidhsonic

    Show me your OC!

    The epitome of my MS Paint skills.
  13. davidhsonic

    What makes a PMV good or bad?

    Either a PMV full of effects with the right tone (fast, slow, loud, soft) and only pictures/vectors where the first thing the viewer notices about them matches the tone of the PMV, or a well-presented story that follows the highlights of the song (choruses, tone changes, intense moments).
  14. davidhsonic

    MLP Game App Codes

    Anyone else who has that one MLP-themed town-building app, share your code if you wanna. I kind of wanna see how other people set up their towns. Edit: Mine's 96c6f71. (Somehow didn't think to include it.)
  15. davidhsonic

    MLP Game App Codes

  16. davidhsonic

    New Post Count Rank Names

    Oh. I didn't realize that we were going to be THE forums. I just thought we were becoming a part of pre-existing forums.
  17. davidhsonic

    How do you make a status update?

    Feel like I should mention the solution (turn on "Enable status updates" in the screen that pops up after hitting Edit Profile in your profile page) for anyone who sees this post and is wondering this.
  18. I cannot figure this out
  19. davidhsonic

    New Post Count Rank Names

    I'm confused as to why "merging" (confused on the specifics of that too) with EQD means we should change anything.
  20. Okay, the banner up top is now "Equestria Daily". Y tho?

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      But we had a banner.

    3. Cyber Commander

      Cyber Commander

      Yes and you can switch back to the old FiG banner by going to themes at the bottom of the main page

    4. davidhsonic
  21. davidhsonic


    I'm probably only gonna make suggestions and ask questions here. (Mostly because I have no idea where to start with anything else.) Edit: Can I do another one? I figured out where to start with the anything else! I like MLP, TF2, Terraria, Modded Minecraft, Sonic (games), YTP's, fan comics, food with more than two ingredients that isn't steak, messing around (to the best of limited ability), and being serious. I'd like to join the gaming herd, and maybe find someone that meets the list of requirements for my friendship. (This is the height of my comedic genius.) I probably missed something. Sry for the double intro
  22. davidhsonic

    Bug Reporting

    Ah. I though that had something to do with the birth date thing.
  23. davidhsonic

    Bug Reporting

    So, the "What's on your mind" bar in my profile just isn't showing up. It just isn't there.
  24. davidhsonic

    How do you make a status update?

    Well, it doesn't work on Edge or IE, then. Should I put that in the bug reporting section?