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  1. Hello there pony folk of all ages! I'm getting together a group of actors in order to do an audio adaption of the Loyal2Luna fanfiction story: Doctor Whooves A Heartswarming Tale. The reason I want to do this is because this stroy always puts me in a good mood this time of year and I want to spread that good mood to others. So, if you are interested in auditioning you can do the following. Go to the CCC page I have set up here: CCC and audition for the character that you feel you want to be. Auditions end on 12/14/2018 so hurry!
  2. mistercokehold8


    I am a part of of a Doctor Whooves series and we are currently looking for artist who want to help out. If you are interested, please submit a piece of your art to this email, then she'll be in contact. elsarivrwood123@gmail.com
  3. So a little over a year ago I made a game for me and some of my closest pals to play on the steam game Tabletop Simulator. We had a alot of fun with and with their encouragement I made the game public. After making so many changes to make the game better, I recently decided to add oc characters as some of the characters featured in the game itself, but I've reached the end of my list of oc's. That where you folks come in if you so choose. If you would like for me to use your oc in the game, please either drop a image of them below, or send me a PM with the details: artwork of them, name, and one way to describe them.
  4. mistercokehold8

    Tails of Equestria review at TGN

    Its a game I wanna try, just need someone to show me the ropes
  5. mistercokehold8

    MLP Game of Life

    If this is the wrong place to put this, I apologize now. Me and my friends play a lot of Tabletop Simulator on Steam, and just recently my friend wanted to play the MLP version of Game Of Life. Since no one has uploaded it to Tabletop I figured I could, but to make it I need a clear look at all that comes with the game. So I was wondering if anyone here who has a copy of the game could help me with some clear images of all that's in it? It would be much appreciated.
  6. mistercokehold8

    My Little Pony on Tabletop Simulator

    So recently I've gotten back into Tabletop Simulator on Steam, and I've been enjoying some of the various MLP games on it, including one of my own design. Then I got to thinking I wonder how many people here pop on Tabletop to goof around? If your ever interested hit me up.
  7. I'm currently in the planning stages of a few MLP videos in the near future, and I need some help. All your help to be exact. I have three questions for you, and if you would be so kind enough to answer it would make everything easier for me. Your All Time Favorite Episode Your Most Hated Episode. Your Favorite Character. Im looking to see if I can least get 100 answers for all three. You can go into detail if you want, or you can put a simply answer. Hopefully if I get the amount of answers I'm looking for, I can get this started. Look forward to your answers, and have a nice day!
  8. mistercokehold8

    My Little Pony Comic Collections

    Another question, how do you tell what printing a particular comic is?
  9. mistercokehold8

    Why did you join the fandom?

    I joined the fandom all because of a challenge my close friend gave me. One of my close skype buddies one day out of the blue told me he was a brony, nervous what my reaction would be. I just shrugged like someone just told me the weather, and we at first left it at that. He was good enough not to talk much about the show because at the time I didnt have much of an opinion. It was a thing, and that was it. After a while I decided to humor him and just let him carry on conversations about the fandom. One thing me and him like to do a lot is watch a movie or show, and give our thoughts at they happen. I knew I would have to watch an episode with him eventually, and let him have his pick (that was Party of One by the by) and I thought it was interesting enough. So he gave me this little challenge. I would watch the first ten episodes, and if I didnt like it by the tenth episode, then I probably wouldnt like it at all. Needless to say I was hooked by the 3rd episode. And as they say, the rest is history.
  10. mistercokehold8

    My Little Pony Comic Collections

    After looking at your collection Q I have to ask, out of all of those what was the hardest comic for you to find?
  11. mistercokehold8

    Show me your OC!

    My OC Scorch Firefly
  12. mistercokehold8

    My Little Pony Comic Collections

    http://imgur.com/IFUBqdU My collection thus far
  13. mistercokehold8

    Xbox One GTA V

    Looking for a few gaming buddies to join me on GTA V or other games if needed on the Xbox One. If you're interested in all, hit me up from my gamer tag or send me a pm. Gamer Tag: mistercokehold8