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  1. Just recently decided to get back into XIV after being absent for quite a while, and was wondering if anypony knew any active Brony Guilds that might be recruiting?
  2. Ice_Walker

    Um...Howdy ^^

    Well um...Hi? I'm Ice Walker, and I'm both a Brony and a Gamer. Obviously, that's why I joined this site of course :$ Anywho, I'm a rather active gamer, with a preference for RPG's and MMO Games. Um... Nice to meet everypony, and I hope to make some friends!
  3. Ice_Walker

    SW:TOR - Anyone playing?

    I also play Swtor. Is anypony still playing?
  4. Ice_Walker

    Um...Howdy ^^

    Ah~ I'd say "You learn something new everyday." But I'm waaaaaay past my quota for that today.
  5. Ice_Walker

    Um...Howdy ^^

    Howdy Badshot, I'm a fan of RP, but I'm not too experienced and am always worried I'm trying to do something stupid. By Dungeon Master, do you mean D&D? Also, Woot Changelings!! I absolutely hate grinding...thankfully, I am a fan of looking at the scenery ^^
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    Um...Howdy ^^

    I'm not sure it's warm enough for hell
  7. Ice_Walker

    Um...Howdy ^^

    Thank you.
  8. Ice_Walker

    Um...Howdy ^^

    Alrighty. I'll be sure to if I need to!
  9. Ice_Walker

    Um...Howdy ^^

    Hmm... A difficult decision... D, if I'm gonna give them up anyways
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    World of Warcraft

    Hello. I've owned WoW for quite a while, but only recently really started playing it again. More Free Time ^-^ I don't have any really strong characters, and am pretty much a noob. But was hoping to make some friends who also play, and maybe be pointed toward a server with a Brony Guild?