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    Huh, I've never heard of this! It looks really interesting, though! The next time I go to Barnes and Noble or something, I'm definitely looking for this! Is there anywhere I can read it for free online atm? @Bas I've watched a few episodes of both, but I wasn't quite interested much. I'm a lot more interested in Zoophobia! Although, I have been for several years now. I will admit though, any of Vivzie's works are pretty aesthetic.
  2. Neoeryn

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    I have finally found this OC thread omg- took me awhile. Name: Calamity Race: Draconequus Gender: Female Age: Unknown Personality: She tends to be serious most of the time when it comes to studying and researching, but when it comes to her friends, it's like she's an entirely different draconequus. Description: Art was made for me by ChosenTreat on Toyhouse! Backstory: Nobody knows where Calamity actually came from. She isn't quite sure herself, as she doesn't remember much. She was found floating around in Chaosville by Discord, and since he wasn't sure what to do with her, he taught her a few tricks and tips when it came to magic. They had a sibling type of bond and usually argued over small things. She went to study magic and friendship as he knew that's what she wanted. She soon enrolled into the School of Friendship and School of Gifted Unicorns, despite a few rocky situations, as any species other than unicorns weren't allowed to enroll in magic. She was given the chance to prove that other non-unicorn species with magic could still succeed in it.
  3. Neoeryn

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    @Otaku-sempai Tysm! She's actually a draconequus! I'm not exactly sure where OCs are uploaded, so I haven't actually made a post of her yet. @TealMint_Moonrise Tysm as well! I knew the series has (unfortunately) ended and I've even watched a few episodes of PonyLife! I didn't know there were claymation shorts or a Pinkie Pie series! I didn't even know another movie was in development. It's been quite a while.
  4. Hello! I'm a newbie here! I mean, I'm not new to searching through the site and looking around (haven't done so in a few years though), but I finally made an account! My name's Neo, otherwise, you all can call me by my OC name, Calamity. I don't mind! I'd prefer if you used they/them when not using either of those, however! I'm a digital artist! I'm not as active anywhere else as I am on Toyhouse or Instagram, but I'll try my best to be active here, as this is pretty much the only MLP site that's still alive it seems.. I'm also currently working on a draft for a Webtoon soon!! I really hope to make lots of friends here. I haven't been in the fandom since.. I wanna say season 6 or 7?