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  1. Oh hey! I'm sad to see the fandoms gotten quieter too, but that doesn't mean we can't reflect on the good ol' days. Dang, Fallout: Equestria is an old one. I can't believe I haven't actually read it... but your OC sounds cool! Welcome to the site! I felt a strange sort of melancholy when I read that you never really interacted with the fandom much back in the hay day.
  2. Mildew

    We need a G5 movie sub-forum.

    Agreed, there's already plenty of discussion about it.
  3. It's been a few years! Good to see bronies are still alive and well. I've been keeping up a little with ponies for the past few years, but I fell back down the rabbit hole when I made an OC based on my usual handle, and here I am! Can't wait to talk and draw more. Looking forward to G5, too.