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  1. Octavia

    Bronycon 2017

    I'll be there again like I have been every year since it was in NYC. You can often find me down in the vendor's hall at the Con Store/Swag Shop. Or strolling around in my Derpy fursuit.
  2. Octavia#1476 - Horde - Cteno - DPS - 107 Havoc Demon Hunter and Thrackerzodd - DPS - 100 Hunter (old main I'll probably also go back to playing on soon after leveling my Demon Hunter and all)
  3. Octavia

    Why did you join the fandom?

    I grew up watching the first generation of MLP when I was a kid. That's right, the 80's cartoon series. The first movie was one of my most rented videos from the tape store. Nothing can stop the Smooze! Fast forward to late 2010 and I see commercials on TV for a new MLP series that is coming out soon. I wasn't aware of some of the past generations besides my good old generation 1 and perhaps a vague knowledge of generation 2 existing. At first I figured the new series would be your typical modern retake on a good old classic and wouldn't be really worth watching. It'd be repetitive, simplistic, and just a bad rehash on the ponies I grew up watching. But I had the spare time and figured what the heck, I might as well watch one just to see how it was. So I watched the premiere of the first episode. I thought it was okay at the time. It didn't blow my mind or anything of the sort. I kept watching and thought the show was decent and continually got a little better as time went on. Not long after the show started airing I found myself caught in the middle of a new community springing up of course. A brand new fandom. Now, I have been apart of fandoms before and for quite some time, but I've never been apart of the birth of one. That was probably one of the most exciting aspects for me initially. To see a new fandom start to form and grow over time. Sorta like seeing a new galaxy form over billions of years. Well, perhaps not quite on that scale, but still exciting! So yeah, and here I am today. Still watching the show and taking part in the community to this day.
  4. Octavia

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    So far my favorites are Chatty Batty and Cora Spondence. Cora Spondence sounds especially good, and I'm a sucker for a play on words.
  5. Octavia

    Yotes Here!

    You seem familiar. Pretty sure I've seen you around somewhere before. Quite possibly EqD. lol Welcome to the forums!
  6. Thanks for all the warm welcomes, everyone. And no worries, Procellus, been there for a while already.
  7. Hey there, Legendary.
  8. Thank you, User. It's good to be here!
  9. Thanks for the welcomes Steel, Frec, and Sky. This place seems pretty nice and friendly. And all my organs, eh? Well, alright. As long as I get to keep the piano. Ba dum tss!
  10. Thanks for the warm welcomes, Light and Pinkie. And how tough am I, hmm? Well, I have to live in the same house as Vinyl of course. I think that pretty much sums it up.
  11. Octavia

    Figure it was time I said hello.

    And that life was like a box of chocolate! Mmm, chocolate... suddenly hungry.
  12. Sorry bout that terrible meme. Or am I? In following with The Illustrious Q, I am also here to signal my arrival. If you frequent EqD, you may have seen me around there as well. So hey there peeps!
  13. Octavia

    Figure it was time I said hello.

    Y hai thar stranger.