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  1. Lunar Guardian Freak

    First view on “Chronicles of Harmony: The Perfect Day”

    Equipment Summary It’s all about equipment. Here, I’ll tell you about everything you should now about the equipment handling in the game. Now prepare for a wall of text (“Wall of Text” is sponsored by D. Trump). Disclaimer: I’ll start to talk more about Crystals too now. These are in my game a type of universal resource. Disclamer2: Check out Yanfly’s Engine. The most part will be done with his plug-ins. Types of Equipment Wildcards: * everyone; | logical OR Weapon Name Class scope Attributes Magic Book Mage More Mana Magic Staff Mage More Ability Power Dagger * Faster, weaker Sword * Gauntlet * More parry Bow * Accuracy, Armor Pen, No Shield Great Sword Fighter More Damage, Slower, No Shield Spear Fighter Faster, No Shield Wing Flyer Fast Shield Name Class Scope Attributes Small Shield * Small Resistance Shield Fighter | Flyer Great Shield Fighter Great Resistance Armor Name Class Scope Attributes Light Armor * Small Resistance Armor Fighter | Flyer Heavy Armor Fighter Great Resistance Accessory Name Class Scope Attributes Ring Mage Special Feather Flyer Special Forehead Protector Fighter Special Crystals See specific sector. Crystal Equip System Up until now everything before was default RPG stuff. The Crystal Equip System gives you the possibility of building whatever you want. Crystals are certain equipment type that will improve a hero’s attribute directly. For example, a Health Crystal will increase you Max. HP; a Regen. Crystal will increase your HP Regeneration Rate! Those crystal are exchangeable. With that you can adapt to the game very fast! Do you need more damage, get some Damage Crystals. Do you need more sustain, get some Regen. Crystals. The Crystal Bag Throughout the game, you’ll get introduced to the Crystal system by a travelling old Crystal Trader. He will give you as a reward for a story quest a crystal bag. While you’re playing, the crystal bag will get eventually bigger so you can carry more crystals in it. There will be three extra bags to find too. So you can hold up to six Crystals for each Hero. Name Effect Old Crystal Bag + 1 Crystal Slot Good Crystal Bag + 2 Crystal Slot Big Crystal Bag + 3 Crystal Slot Extra Crystal Bag (x3) + 1 Crystal Slot Crafting Equip Crystals That said, it seems that Equip Crystals do sound broken, right? But I promise, they won’t be. Getting Equip Crystals is a core part of the game. The enemies are without proper equipment hard to beat. Maybe impossible at all. Therefore it’s important to have some Equip Crystals in the hero’s equipment. It exists two tiers for a Equip Crystals. Its normal and its deluxe version. For Example a “HP Crystal” and a “HP Crystal DX”. Of course, the DX version is much stronger than its normal version. However they are much more difficult to obtain as you need more Shards or three normal Crystal of its kind. <Type> stands for one attribute from the Hero to improve. Like HP, MP, or Attack Damage Material for Crafting Amount needed Equip Crystal Crystal Shard 6 shards <Type> Crystal <Type> Crystal 18 Splitter | 3 <Type> Crystals <Type> Cristal DX To craft these ECrystals you need to visits a Crystal Shop. There exists a crafting table where you can create these crystals. Once created you’re able to purchase the crafted Crystal permanently in the Crystal Shop. Weapon Level System Both weapons and shields have a slot in their Menu named as “Upgrade Crystal”. There you can place an Upgrade Crystal that can boost your weapon or Shield. The Item Level A weapon can reach up to six levels. As shown here. The color indicates its value. The Prefix will be added before the actual name of the item. The boost count will be added after the items actual name. Top Level Weapons will have the “DX” as suffix added. Why DX? Because I love the ring to it. “Ultimate Arcane Magic Mastery Book DX”. Sounds impressive, right? …Right? Color Prefix Boost Count White + 1 Green Rare + 2 Blue Epic + 3 Purple Mystic + 4 Orange Legendary + 5 Cyan Ultimate (Suffix, no Boost count) DX Upgrade Crystals and Upgrade Shards These Crystal will give your Weapon depending on the Crystal some levels. The value of the Boost will be different for every Weapon Type. Name Boost Normal Upgrade Crystal +1 Rare Upgrade Crystal +2 Epic Upgrade Crystal +3 Mystic Upgrade Crystal +4 Legendary Upgrade Crystal +5 Ultimate Upgrade Crystal +6 (DX) To even create an Upgrade Crystal you need Upgrade Shards. These may drop from enemies or can be obtained as a Quest rewards. Their color will change up while you’re progressing through the game. Name Dropped from (may vary) Normal Upgrade Shard Quest reward, Normal Enemies Rare Upgrade Shard Quest reward, Elite Enemies Epic Upgrade Shard Quest reward, Elite Enemies Mystic Upgrade Shard Quest reward, Adventurers Legendary Upgrade Shard Quest reward, Mini-Bosses, Early Bosses Ultimate Upgrade Shard Quest reward, Late Game Bosses Crafting Upgrade crystals Same for Equip Crystals: Once created you can purchase the same Crystal permanently in the Crystal Shop. Upgrade Shard Amount needed Upgrade Crystal Normal Upgrade Shard 6 Normal Upgrade Crystal Rare Upgrade Shard 5 Rare Upgrade Crystal Epic Upgrade Shard 4 Epic Upgrade Crystal Mystic Upgrade Shard 3 Mystic Upgrade Crystal Legendary Upgrade Shard 2 Legendary Upgrade Crystal Ultimate Upgrade Shard 1 Ultimate Upgrade Crystal For now, Upgrade Crystal can be switched out for a weapon. Means that you can take away a Normal Upgrade Crystal and replace it directly with an Ultimate Upgrade Chrystal, instead of incrementally level up your weapon. You know what I mean? I don’t know if that’s good or not. The “right” way would be that you have to create first a Rare Upgrade Crystal before you can place an Epic Crystal Shard. I let that one still in the room and get to that later on. The Importance of Equipment and your Build The game will be impossible to beat without proper Equipment. Now that I showed you the many things of upgrade and enhancements for your equipment. The thing is, that you have to collect EVERYTHING you can get, because you have six Heroes, which need every possible boost for their build as possible. Quick Math When you want to fully equip your Team you need to have (assuming everyone has one shield and one weapon): Weapons: 6 for six Heroes. Shield: 6 for six Heroes. Armor: 6 for six Heroes. Accessory: 6 for six Heroes. Equip Crystal DX: 36 (6 Heroes with 6 slots (6*6=36)). Therefore you need to collect 648 Equip Crystal Shard (36 Equip Crystals DX each crafted for 18 Equip Shards (36*18=648)). Upgrade Crystals: 72 upgrade Crystals of each Type (6 Heroes with each 2 Piece of Upgradeable with equipment with 6 types of Upgrade Crystal). As for shards you need 72 Normal Upgrade Shards; 60 Rare Upgrade Shards; 48 Epic Upgrade Shards; 36 Mystic Upgrade Shards; 24 Legendary Upgrade Shards; 12 Ultimate Upgrade Shards. 6 Weapons + 6 Shields + 6 Armors + 6 Accessories + 648 Equip Shards + 72 Normal Upgrade Shards + 60 Rare Upgrade Shards + 48 Epic Upgrade Shards + 36 Mystic Upgrade Shards + 24 Legendary Upgrade Shards + 12 Ultimate Upgrade Shards ------------------------------------------ = 924 items Aftermath: Exactly 924 items (including every type of Upgrade shard.) Happy grinding btw. Huff, huff. That will do. That explained the Equipment in the game. Can’t think of anything I’ve missed so far. Thanks for the reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Honest regards Alex
  2. Lunar Guardian Freak

    First view on “Chronicles of Harmony: The Perfect Day”

    Heroes Summary I’ll show you your heroes. I’ll go through some information about their class system and their place in this game. Then I’ll explain on how you can modify your Heroes by going through the different builds! Classes and scopes Each of your Hero is either a mage, flyer or fighter. The Hero’s class can’t be changed and is already set for them. The Mage class uses Ability Power, Mana and magic resist as its main attributes. Flyer class depends on the agility and luck attribute. The Fighter class will use Attack damage, Armor and Health as main attributes. Within these class “scopes” you’re free to modify your Hero’s build with equipment effectively. That will drastically lower the free space of individual build choices. But it keeps the integrity of each Hero’s personality. I still can’t think of a Fluttershy being a full out damage dealing, flying tank that will rek everything on her way. (Maybe in a fan-fiction, who knows…wink wink). I hope, this class restriction won’t hurt the playstyle a lot. I mean, you can go full weird and build a mage with attack damage. It just doesn’t deliver as it normally would do. The Build By build I mean the choice of equipment that will define the Hero’s strategy in a battle. This will be explained in the Equipment section very soon. Fun Fact: You can build up to 36 (6^2) effective (each Hero has two paths) team combs, if my math is correct. “Small” Hero introduction Note that nothing absolute! Twilight Sparkle She is the personal and most faithful student of Princess Celestia. Being that she often only learns and never gets to meet other people in her age. Thus, making her friendless. She’s now old enough for her Destiny Journey. Princess Celestia roots for Twilight, that she will find some new friends through her adventure in Crystal Empire. Twilight is a magician with great potential. She uses primarily the energy Element for her magic abilities. From the family she inherited shield- and barrier spells from her father and powerful magic attacks from her mother. With that you can choose which way you want to build Twilight. With mana you choose the more defensive route. With pure Ability Power you increase her DPS for the more offensive route. She can create a light source that can lighten the way in the darkness. Apple Jack A country girl. She lives with her grandma, her bigger brother and her little sister on a farm in Heartville. Because of family matters they moved temporarily to the farm in workville in Crystal Empire. Apple Jack is a stone hard worker and fighter. With the earth and fire as her primary elements she has a few options in a battle. She uses the earth element to protect her and her friends or throws heavy rock attacks to the enemies. Later on she’s able to use the fire element for very hot attacks. With pure Attack Damage you choose the offensive way, which increases the fire and earth damage enormously. Building her with Armor and Health you can use the earth element as a second skin, rendering you more resistant and more sustainable as before. With her strength, she can destroy small objects like trees and rocks that blocks the way. Small, right? Rainbow Dash The fastest flyer in the clouds coming also from Heartville. She lives alone in a cloud and chases the dream to be one of the Wonderbolts. She uses the Elements air and electricity for her attacks. With air she’s much faster and can dodge any type of damage sometimes. With electricity attacks she can damage her foes very easily. Depending on her stance (is she flying or not) you can play her differently. Building agility you can avoid more attacks from enemies and making air attacks speed boosts more effective. Building luck you increase her electricity attacks and parry rate. With her wings, she can carry her friends over small gabs. Rarity Alone with her sister she moved a long time ago to Heartville. Her mother stayed in the Xalia Kingdom. Rarity never stopped dreaming about an own boutique in Canterlot and does everything to accomplish that. She takes her style and fashion everywhere she goes, even I fights she doesn’t do any exceptions. She’s a mage with the primary elements of ice and crystal. She’s not as strong as Twilight but Rarity does have some good tricks in her sleeves. With her ice magic she can cause a lot of trouble for her foes. But ice can also be used for helping her friends out. Crystal magic is used for dealing damage or increasing the potential damage output. She’s very good in offensive and defensive. Building her with ability power you increase her DPS and debuffs she uses on enemies. With magic resistance you let her help her friends better out. With her Radar magic, she uses for finding crystal in the ground, you can use her to search for lost items too. Pinkie Pie Raised in a stone farm she never had fun. Until she broke the boringness by making reasonless parties by herself. Pinkie’s happy spirit can lift even the worst mood. Currently she’d been working for a little couple in Heartville in a Candy shop. Pinkie’s a fighter like Apple Jack but not as strong as her. However, with her primary Element in iron and normal she is very resistant. Pinkie can cover herself in iron, making her drastically resistant against physical damage. Therefore by building Armor you will increase her defense abilities with iron by a lot. She uses normal element attack for poking and harassing her foes. With attack damage you can increase her damage output with normal attacks. Pinkie can bring people to break out in laughter with very good jokes. (Doesn’t help but I can’t think of anything else for her.) Fluttershy Last but not least, Fluttershy. Fluttershy is so shy that she’s able to melt my non-Brony friends their hearts away (I mean it!). Her soft personality let animals feel safe in her presence. She lives at the border of Heartville near the forest. She has some friends in the crystal Empire she’d like to visit. With only the air Element on her kit she’s already satisfied. Like Rainbowdash she’s a flyer and can potentially fly in a battle. Thus making her act differently depending on her position. She’s not strong but has a nice amount of utility. She does have many healing skills with her air Element. With the right equipment she can increase the potential healing amount from skill and items by a lot. She’s swift and can avoid attacks from enemies like Rainbowdash. With agility you increase her potential dodge rate and with luck you increase her healing rate from skills and items for her allies. On the field she can heal wounded persons and creatures. Everyone here will join Twilight for her Destiny Journey to help getting her Destiny Mark! These are your Heroes’ full names, Twilight Sparkle, Jacky “Applejack” Apple, Rainbow Dash, Rarity Shard and Flutter Shy. With those you will laugh, fight, struggle and even lose sometimes. Setup your Heroes effectively and fight victoriously. Thanks for the reading. Kind regards Alex
  3. Lunar Guardian Freak

    First view on “Chronicles of Harmony: The Perfect Day”

    Oh my! I really didn’t see that one! Thank you Lunar Holiday (very nice name choice right there btw, he he) for the heads-up. It seems that I didn’t explained my thoughts well enough. Now I shall enlighten the irrational dilemma for once: I want to give the player SOME free room for individual alterations on his heroes. I mean that you can modify your heroes but only class specific! For example, the Mage class (what Twilight and Rarity are). You can build Twilight in either a full DPS battlemage or in a magic resistance heavy utility caster with a heavy mana pool. Same as for Rarity. For Applejack and Pinkie, it’s the same, just in physical damage. Fluttershy and Rainbowdash share a similar build too. I also don’t think that Fluttershy would be a heavy tank. That’s just doesn’t her personality (on my view). I see her more as a healer in a RPG. By build I mean the equipment and skills which will define your Hero’s strategic in a battle. I do have specific equipment types that, for example, restrict Flyers to wear Magician's stuff. With that you can mess with the different build choices for your heroes but you can’t cross any class specific attributes with another one. (-> Cant build as a tanky damage dealer. You can only build either DPS or Tank.) I will explain this even better in further posts when I get to the Hero section. There’s so much left to tell. As for now, I hope you could understand. Lunatic Regards Alex
  4. Lunar Guardian Freak

    First view on “Chronicles of Harmony: The Perfect Day”

    Level-Up Mechanic Summary Here, I’ll introduce you to the in game level-up Mechanic. We go briefly through some explanation, the inspiration and at last the setup for this. EXP and Level Today, I can proudly say, that everyone knows what a Level is, when we speak about a RPG. For every fight you’ve won and for every quest you’ve finished, you will gain experience. After a certain amount of EXP your hero gets a Level-Up, and thus increasing his stats. This is the Level up System in a nutshell. Very linear. However, I want to expand it a little more, so that the handsome player gets a bit more room for individual improvements. In this game the level caps at Level 50. 100 is too much and 20 too low. Attribute Poits (ATP) If you played any Mario and Luigi game, you will understand the system very fast. For those who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. In every Mario and Luigi game you get after a Level up a screen, where you can add some more points to your stats. With that you can choose the way how Mario or Luigi will fight in a battle. For example, Mario as a pure damage dealer and Luigi as an unbeatable healing tank. And I want that in my game too. I’m afraid that the game could get very linear and boring at some point with the regular system. I want to give the player some room for his individual playstyle. I don’t want to force him to build his hero’s as I want to. That would be bad. With that reason, you get ATPs for each Hero after his Level-up. When you want to spent your earned ATPs you can open the Menu and go directly to the Attribute Screen. You can improve only one attribute with one ATP. Keep in mind that you never can redo your set points. Once given, they will remain. Starting at Level 5 you get ATPs. These are the followings stats you’re able to improve. Stat to Improve Effect (value may differ) + Max HP + 10 + Max MP + 10 + Attack Damage + 10 + Armor + 10 + Ability Power + 10 + Magic Resistance + 10 + Agility + 5 + Luck + 1 Ranks and Masteries Another Mario and Luigi inspired system. Let me explain. If you reach a certain character level in Mario and Luigi, you will ascend to a higher rank. A rank unlocks for the player the ability to give his Hero a MASSIVE mastery that can really be a game changer for your team. Masteries will determine your hero’s battle tactic. Same as ATP you can’t change the character’s masteries once set. The following Ranks exists. (After every Rank you can choose one mastery. Expect for the last one, where you can choose two instead.) Rank Earned at Level Newby - Beginner 6 Traveler 12 Pathfinder 19 Adventurer 27 Veteran 36 Master (gains x2 new masteries) 42 The following Masteries exist. Mastery Lv. Effect (value may differ) Quick Level 6 EXP gain rate + 20% Health Up 6 MaxHP per level + 20 Mana Up 6 MaxMP per Level + 10 Luck Up 6 Luck per Level + 1 Armor Up 6 Armor per Level + 10 Magic Resist Up 6 Magic Resist per Level + 1 Attack Damage Up 12 Attack Damage per Level + 10 Ability Power Up 12 Ability Power per Level + 10 Agility Up 12 Agility per Level + 5 Iron Skinned 19 Damage resistance + 25% Fighter 19 Increased Physical Damage + 25% Magician 19 Increased Ability Damage + 25% Weapon Master 19 Increased Damage for Weapons for 25% Fencer 19 Increased chance of Counter and Reflect + 50% Head starter 19 AT gauge from beginning of a battle starts at 50% and after every turn at 25% Speeder 19 AT gauge rate + 50% Lucky 36 Increased critical Damage by 200% Pharmacologist 36 Increased caused Healing by 200% Mana Economist 36 Decreases Mana cost by 50% Instant Caster 36 AT charge gauge instant completed for quick attacking Pretty much like Mario and Luigi, isn’t it? I absolutely love this system. The decision for what you want to invest points in makes this system it very interesting. A hearo can have up to 7 Masteries and thus becoming very, very strong. Same as Attributes, you can chose in the Mastery Menu screen your Hero’s path. Setup Shout out for Yanfly Engine. As it will be my primary source of plug-ins. The Job point system and Skill learn system will help me out a lot for these mechanics. I’ll soon start to implement these systems in the game. Despite that wall of text, I say thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the reading-through. Kind Regards Alex
  5. Lunar Guardian Freak

    First view on “Chronicles of Harmony: The Perfect Day”

    The Plot of COH Summary In this post you will learn about the story, characters and more of the game. So, get comfortable and have a nice read! (For those who dosn't know. I'm not an english pro. Appologies in advance for eyebleeding.) The Plot Before we start with the main plot, we should dig deeper in the history to look, why things are as they are now. The "Prehistoric Era" tells you the origin of the world and its magic. You will see, that some things aren’t same as they do in MLP: FIM. If the plot is too complicated to understand, ask me. I can explain it in detail. (I literally can tell you all that stuff just from the top of my head.) The beginning of the world from COH “Magic, which is the source of everything, must always be in balance with itself. As long as the Harmony remains, the Magic stays in balance. When the balance starts to crumble, so will the Magic crumble too. And without magic, the world would eventually meet its end.” – Starswirl the Bearded in one of his researches about the secrets of Magic. Before the era of the Humans began, there was an era before, where the world was completely different as it is now. In that world two clans existed. The clan called “Sura” and the Shadow clan, called “Umbra”. Each one of these clans had their own Magic. The Light and Shadow Magic. It was important to keep these two Elements in balance to maintain the harmony. To do so, the two clans must fought each other in never ending war. Even it sounded ironical, the harmony was kept all the time perfectly. However, the “Sura” clan didn’t want to fight anymore. They wanted peace. They took initiative and did something that would change the world. The “Sura” took the control of the harmony from the Nature for themselfes. So the gained the ability to control the Magic. First they split their Magic into 12 Elements. Then they used the new elements as a weapon against the “Umbra”. Of course the “Umbra” couldn’t possibly defend themselves anymore. They lost the last battle against the “Sura”. The Sura vanished the “Umbra” from the earth and with them their Shadow Magic. Finally peace was spread across the world. But not for long. Somehow the world fell into chaos and got destroyed. No-one knows what happened at that time. Long time later, after the world recovered itself from the chaos, harmony did return again. So did the life on earth. It was a beginning of a new era. The era of the Humans. After all that, the magic today has now 12 Elements. And as an addition three aspect where created. The aspects of Nature, Heaven and Arcane. The Humans adapted to the so called aspects. As a result some humans got wings to fly. Some got a close bound to the nature and have strong bodies. Finally, some could manipulate Elements to cause Magic. Much, much later Generation have passed and today the Magic was still a mysterious for the people. They searched answers for its secrets. Recently a tradition established were young adventures are chosen to travel in a group through the land and find their truly talent. With exploring a talent. It’s meant for those who are searching for their Destiny Marks (same as Cutie Mark. Just sounds not so girly). (Destiny Marks are kind of a big deal under Human’s sociality, as they show a humans Talent. When a Human doesn’t have a Destiny Mark so he got no Talent, which means he is socially undervalued. A human gets his Destiny Mark, when he discovers his truly Talent.) Alongside that, they will improve their skills in sorcery and fighting. So that every new generation could reveal some new secrets of the Magic. The Destiny Journey was a tradition in Questria. A great kingdom ruled by the great princess, known as the princess of the sun: Celestia. Introducing Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is a young girl. In her youth she studied a lot by herself and was very introverted.As a result she never had any friends. As she lost her parents in an accident when she was a baby, she and her bigger brother were adopted by the princess. Her parents had a good relation to the princess. Celestia soon learned about the potential of Twilight Sparkle’s skill in Magic. So did Celestia let her be her personal student. Twilight’s brother didn’t have the same potential like his sister. But he was very successful in the military. As he joined the Solar Army (short Solary), he climbed the ladder in the hierarchy very fast. Eventually he became the youngest Captain of the Royal Guard. Since Twilight's brother was so busy. Twilgiht was often alone. Therefore she got herself an assistant, who was also her best friend. Spike. They had a “little brother-bigger sister” relation and tooke care of each other. Twilights Journey through the Crystal Empire. As time goes by, Twilight finally got old enough for her Destiny Journey to finally find her truly talent. And that is the time where the story of the game begins. The Crystal Empire is a mysterious kingdom with a strange history. Normally, they would let Twilight have her journey in the same kingdom as she lives in. But this year it’s an exception. Twilight and her newfound company will travel through the Crystal Empire. They will explore the region and learn about its (dark) history. Roundup So that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed this “small” section of history. I came up with over a long period of time. I oriented the End of the Game’s story from the Season two Finale from FIM. So you can kind of guess what will happen then. Basically the true objective is to get Twilight her Destiny Mark (but we know, that isn’t the only objective, do we?). Hero Characters (may seem familiar) Twilight Sparkle. Alias you. She’s a young mage. She and her brother have a strong talent in arcane mastery. Her signature moves are strong magic attacks and magic barriers. Apple Jack. A young farmer girl from Questria. Her family temporarily moved to the Crystal Empire to take care about the Corn Farm of an old family member. As a worker she has incredible power and strong attacks. Rainbow Dash. Fast and Furious. She’s the self-proclaimed fastest flyer in all of Questria. She’s sometimes harsh, but she never lets her friends down. As a flyer she’s very fast and very accurate in fights. Rarity Shard. A fashionista with big dreams. Even she’s a magician she only uses her magic for fashion purposes. But she makes exceptions when it comes to fight for her friends. She’s not as talented as Twilight but got a lot of utility abilities in battles. Pinkie Diane Pie. A Happy go lucky spirit. But sometimes to happy. Where she goes, she makes people smile. Even in battles she doesn’t do any exceptions. Her utility focused skills are very handy. Fluttershy. As her names tells. She’s kind of shy. However, she has a big heart for weak creatures. This young flyer has a kindness which can heal and protect her allies during a battle. III Important Characters Armor Sparkle. He’s Twilights Brother and Captain of the royal Guard. Since his parents died early he took care of Twilight before Celestia took Twilight under her wing. He joined the Army very young. His talent as a soldier was soon explored. He claimed the hierarchy surprisingly very fast. He is a very defensive oriented magician. He doesn’t like to talk about the past when their parents were still alive. He is currently more in Crystal Empire active. Twilight wonders why. Princess Celestia. She’s the ruler of Questria. Her Castle is located in Canterlot City. The capital city of Questria. She isn’t like any ordinary Person. Unlike others she’s over thousand years old and unlike magicians, flyer or worker she doesn’t have only one aspect of magic within her. She has all of them. Which allows her to fly, to perform magic and to be strong at the same time. Her magic is one of the most powerful magic out there. Even she’s that powerful. Her heart as pure as the light of the sun by taking care of her beloved subjects. The Princes of Crystal Empire. While Twilight’s journey through the crystal empire she doesn’t know who the princes of Crystal Empire actually is. But Twilight will be surprise who she is. Derpy Hooves. She's the local mail(wo)man in Crystal Empire. While you're on your adventure, she will sometimes fly by to say hello to you. Even if she's very chotic, she never lets her duty behind. A truly mailwoman. [new] Professor Bookmark. He’s an official professor, who researches the secrets of magic. He will introduce you your Destiny Journey much better than I do right now. He will also be there if you have questions. So don’t be shy and go ask him, if you’re in trouble. In the game, some people doesn’t seem to like him for his personality. But I hope you’ll do. [new] Very Villainous Team, much dangerous personalities. What is a game without an evil team that likes to show off his evilness every time you don’t want it? Exactly, not a RPG. I’d like to keep the identity of the Team a secret. Because reasons. (If you want to. I’ll tell. I have a team like Team Rocket from Pokémon. However they aren’t the main antagonists in this game. Just some thieves, who steal from people). Other Adventurers. While you travel with your team on your Destiny Journey, others will too. As a common sense you will fight each other, in order to gain experience in magic and fighting. Of course there will be some stronger and more experienced teams you will fight against. But with your strategic mind mastermind, they will be no problem. Mechanics Of course I do have a story mechanic in my game as well. Check out the… New “Bookworm”/”Egghead” Mechanic (name still under work). As you play Twilight, you will meet her biggest desire. And those are Books. As she loves books so you can do as well. In the game you can read books. With them you can learn more about the history or interesting facts about magic that won’t be explained to you by NPCs. Learning from books is important. Keep in mind that you’re still a student of the princess. So, If you want to relax from the Adventure. Grab a book in a local library and read what you want to know. Keep mind that some secretes of the story may be uncovered through reading! Map of Crystal Empire (under construction; will come soon) Some important locations Canterlot City. Canterlot is the most known castle in the world. It’s the capital of the Questria Kingdom and it’s located on a side of a mountain called the MT. Questria. Due to its location it’s nearly impossible to effectively attack the castle. Unless you have aircraft weapons. Canterlot City exists for a long time now. The scars and damage that the time bite into the City are very visible. So the Officials declared, the City shall be reworked. So the “Grand Canterlot Reword” started. While Canterlot will be under construction the habitants must temporarily find an alternative living. Crystal City. It is the capital town of the Crystal Empire. Its most known attraction is the Crystal Palace with a sky striving central tower. The Crystal City has a unknown past who only a handful of people know. The Shadewoods. A very strange forest. Recently the locals around are reporting some very mysterious events. It’s said that travelers would lost themselves in the night as they walk into the forest and get found next day completely drained out of magic. The Greenwoods. Known for its ruins is Greenwoods a popular forest in the region. Crystal Mountains. The Crystal Mountains are massive and very dangerous to cross. In winter everyday will be a heavy snow storm that could close pass lines very easily. However the game begins in the late summer. So the heavy snow storm shouldn’t be there… Hopefully you enjoyed it. Thanks for the reading.
  6. First view on “Chronicles of Harmony: The Perfect Day” Welcome in this thread which is about the game I do. Heh Summary Now we get to the fun part. If you did read the two last threads about my Introduction and Visions of CHO (I’m glad that you have survived the wall of text) then you will know, what will come. For those who don’t know. I talked about a project of mine where I make a fan game dedicated to MLP: FIM. Let’s get right into it. Here you will find everything you want to know about my game the “Chronicles of Harmony: The Perfect Day”. I will explain its key elements. But I will go in each element’s detail in further posts. General Information I will make this game with the RPG Maker MV. An easy tool for beginners like me. The game will be a JRPG. You will control Twilight Sparkle as she travels with her new found friends (guess who) through the Crystal Empire. It will have a story, some side quest and interesting characters and will fight against foes. That’s natural in a RPG, duh. I try to make the game as “moneyless” as possible. This game should be a learning experience for me. So I don’t want to spent too much money (and I'm broke atm). This game will be done in my free time. I don’t have any obligations on working on it. But as much as I’d like to work on it, I won’t stop until its finished. What I do First let me write, what I don’t do in this project. That’s coding. As a one-man army I can’t program new systems for a game, when already good systems are out there waiting to be used. To be honest. I can a bit Java, JavaScript, C/Side and some PHP. But It will take much, much more time, when I have to do this all on my own. Yanfly Engine, Atelier RGSS, and some other have more than I need for my game. I hope you’re not disappointed. I have my reasons why. Now on what I can do. I “write” the story. But by “write” I mean writing a story which goes alongside “Magic is Friendship” of course. I will draw the graphics for the game too. I think I can provide good graphic for the game. And I want something originally from me in this game too. What I need You! Ye you. You in front of the display. I need your feedback and critics. I really need that to decide, whether some decisions would fit in the game or not. I’m bound to you, kind reader, to be my leader. What I have A plot. Well, it’s almost complete. No wait. It is complete, but there is still some room for improvement. A prologue, ten chapters and an epilogue. In every chapter you will face a boss and in the last one the final boss. The story will be similar as the episodes in Season two from “MLP:FIM”. I know what you’re asking. ‘If it’s your first game, then why would you choose the SECOND season?!’ Let me tell you. I don’t know. My first episode I watched was the season two finale “A canterlot wedding” (my favorite alongside “Do princesses dream of magic sheeps” and the 100th episode btw) I guess that is why I start with the second season. That was also the time when I started to work on this fan game. A battle mechanic which is the exactly the same in every “Final Fantasy”: the ATB battle system. The Active Turn Battle system is quite popular. In short, every battler has a gauge which he has to fill up before he can input a command. Filed up the Batter needs then to charge his command. After charging up he executes the Command and goes back filling up his turn gauge. Now to the battlers. In my game you will control more than four battler, like it is a default value for some reason. Instead you will control all six heroes (still guessing who) at the same time. This gives the player much more to do. The reason is, as six you need to strategize your attacks to fight as effectively as a possible. The foes are strong when you play just six heroes independendly. But they won’t be strong any longer if you play your six heroes as one organized team. Each hero has his own kit. Time your attacks wisely to win the battle succesfull. A Level up mechanic which is almost similar to the one they use in the “Mario and Luigi” Series. After you leveled up, u get a “Attribute Point” in which you can invest to boost your stats. This gives the Player a big room on how he wants to scale his heroes. After certain levels you rank up and will gain a "Mastery Skill". Choose a "Mastery skill" to improve your hero’s mastery massively. Equipment mechanic. In this game you will often hear about crystals. As crystals are my number on all-rounder material used for everything. As an Item, equipment, weapon, magic stuff etc. WithcCrystals you can do many things. Like equiping of course. Weapon Level mechanic. Also basically grinding. With certain items you can improve your Weapons. But you will have to create those said items. That leads right to the next mechanic. Crafting. To enhance your weapon, you first have to craft "level up crystals". Find Shards and bring them to a local Crystal House to craft your crystals. How I will work on the game The most important thing that isn’t here, even it should be, is the actual game. I’m sorry, but the game isn’t worth to show at the moment. I’m still in the evaluation phase of things. Recently I started to implement some systems, so it is under construction. Despite that, I want to give you a test version of my game as quickly as possible. So I decided to work phase wise. Each Chapter of the game will be a part Project. I will complete only one chapter before I move to the next one. So I can give you much more quicker a version to play and test. What now I will post more details for the upper section said mechanics. So I can decide, based on your feedback, whether I should let them as they are or improve them. But I want to keep it as simple as possible. Keep in mind that I can’t promise anything. What’s coming After I worked this out, I will implement the mechanics in the game. I will upload then a “Beta Version” where we can test the work. It will be an all classy four-step long communication between you and me. (You play, you complain, I fix, you happy). What’s coming after “what’s coming” When the mechanics are set and ready. I can finally work on the actual game. The prologue will be the first chapter to be worked on. But more information about that will come when the time is ready. Tanks for the reading. I hope I gave you a good first look on the game. Just ask me when something is unclear. Best regards Alex
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    I'm living in the canton Bern. (Is this on how it's said correctly? Do you say "Canton" Bern or "county" Bern? I dont know. Language is my only weakness. Just somewhere around Bern^^).
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    Ha, nice to hear. I hope we do! I still need to check your work out!
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    Sali! Nice to meet you.
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    Yo! Thanks for information and the surprisingly quick answer! I look forward for it.
  11. Greetings fellow friends! It’s my first time in a forum like this. So I'll try to give my best to be a great member of this community! But before I’m going to share my dreams and thoughts with you guys, I want to properly introduce myself. The name’s Alex. Coming from Switzerland and currently 19 years old. (Incredible sorry for my English here. I hope it won’t bother you that much.) I’m still in education as an IT specialist. currently I’m working for a small ERP company as a pupil until summer next year. In my free time I’ve been playing games ever since I was a child, especially games from Nintendo like Zelda, Super Mario and mostly Pokémon. I dare to say that games made me the person, who I am now. Game design is a big deal for me. Since 2012 I played with the thought about making a game on my own. But what exactly has that to do with My Little Pony? In 2014, my family suffered a terrible lost. To overcome those hard times, I started to watch My Little Pony and since then I’ve been interested in the great world of the colored mini Horses. Although I like the fandom, until today, I never was an active community Person. My Little Pony influenced my life almost completely, like some of you can imagine. My dedication for My Little Pony was so high, I wanted to create a game where the world of Friendship is Magic would be the focus in it. I want to create a game where its story has a big remix of everything I’ve played and experienced in my life in it too. That is when I started the Project “Chronicles of Harmony”. The Game, I’m working on, would happen to be the first one in its series. So I want to learn as much as possible from the experience that may come. I heard, as a game Designer it’s important to listen to feedbacks from customers and testers. That is why I wanted an "interface" with the fandom (you) and me making the game. So I can listen to your critics and wishes, wich could enhance the game! With this post I wanted to shout out my existence before I give more Information on “Chronicles of Harmony”. Let me gather all my plans, so that you can finally see, what I work on. I’ll post then a big entry in the "Game-Dev-or-what-its-called-again-Sektion". Thanks for reading it through. That means a lot to me. Best regards Alex Post Scriptum: For those, who are wondering: My current favorite Pony is Luna. I know it’s obvious because of my Username but don’t judge me. I have my reasons. ^^