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  1. 1 hour ago, NocturneRose said:

    I've not played the crossover with Layton yet as I'm a couple behind on those but is it worth it? I'll get there eventually...

    It's worth it for the cutscenes and the music, as well as the court/puzzle elements - just expect the story to not necessarily be quite up to reaches towards the bizarre in ways that, for many, just kinda didn't really work out very well. But aside from the ending 'issues',  the game itself tends to be a solid experience for the most part.

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  2. 10 hours ago, Rspectcopyrightmyass said:

    I love the AA series, have beat all the games they've released here.. watched the promo video, beat the new demo.. just waiting for Spirit of Justice in 2 weeks :D

    Yeah, it's been one of my most loved handheld series of all time, quite frankly...lots of good times, and I'm eager to start a new set of cases! ^^


    4 hours ago, Skyrazer said:

    I'm sitting on a bunch of these just waiting for the time to start playing them. Only finished the first Ace Attorney game, but so far it's been very enjoyable.

    I REALLY reccomend you get onto playing more, regardless of the objection memes the Phoenix Wright series is just great at everything it offers, from the narrative to the always fantastic OST's which always manage to fit the moment just perfectly! ^-^


    The anime's also been okay to watch, although it does change some things and seems to lack the magatama's inclusion entirely...which is a shame, ultimately

  3. 1 hour ago, Kanga said:

    I've played all the games; it's one of my favorite franchises. Can't wait for the new one, and I hope that Dai Gyakuten Saiban gets a western release, though I don't have a lot of faith in Capcom.

    One thing to note about the AA team at capcom is they've often cited they only have room for one localisation task at a I'm guessing that the priority here is to get a localised version of 6 out, then perhaps they'll look into the idea of giving DGS to the western fans - a game with Sherlock Holmes is just BEGGING to be given the western treatment...although I hear that there may be some topics within the game that may be far trickier to bring our way, although what they are I haven't looked into.

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  4. So hey, might as well get the ball rolling on this - anypony here a fan of the Ace attorney games...'cause there's a good lot of them and they're pretty gud stuff...

    figured I might as well toss up a thread that discusses it and allows folks to just kinda gush/debate what about the series makes 'em tick and who best po...prosecutor is! :P


    Also Ace Attorney 6 is coming - demo is out now as well as the animated prologue...some pretty great stuff, looking forward to the game in september! =D

  5. So hey, here we are - forums after this long - Took a damn long while for them to get around to this, eh? XD


    Nothing much to say see me around various comments on the site and I even make with the assisting in the IRC's...go me! x3

    {Such things as the IRC don't really matter all that much, but I like to think its still a nice thing to have a hand in keeping in *some* semblance of order, lol!}


    Other than that, just some derp hoping to kinda-sorta fit in around here with the rest of you folks and folkettes...I'm all about seeing where this ride derails! xDDD



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