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  1. My favorites would have to be between these three: Let's share our music with each other what do you guys think of my songs?
  2. Hey everypony! I recently got a role in a video game titled Blood Bath Bay by Suits N Nukes.

    It's a little indie game, The demo recently came out so if you wanna play it, click the link below! Or if you wanna watch some demo gameplay click the YouTube vid :D 


  3. This is so hilarious XD

     I freaken love it1 It also sounds great. Smashing replay


  4. Gunna take a break from HW in a bit and continue destroying Montezuma's cities with France assisting me in Civilization V. 

  5. I'm not sure how active ponies are on here but

    HEY EVERYPONY! I'm a voice actor there's hella on bio. Here's one of the recent projects I was just apart of.

    I play the role of God.


  6. Hey everypony!

    Idk if anypony remembers me. I was online when this forum first evolved into something more than a gaming forum.

    Left cuz I was trying to avoid spoilers. And I still am, but spoilers aren't as widespread as they before (movie, season 7, eqg, etc.)

    So hey everypony how goes it! 

  7. Misscellanio

    Songs in the movie

    It says "how many songs" are in the movie. Now I am expecting a movie filled with songs. I'm going to be anticipating a song happening at some point. Watching the movie after the sixth song and being like oh wait the movie is not over yet because there is still one more song left. Seriously just ruined the whole effect. I honestly was only expecting like 3 songs maybe less and now I know there will be 7. One less thing to be surprised about when the movie comes out.
  8. Misscellanio

    Songs in the movie

    Well obviously the subforum is going to have spoilers. But the title itself has spoilers and everyone can see the title on the recent topics area right on the side of their screen on the homepage
  9. Misscellanio

    Songs in the movie

    MOVIE SPOILERS TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously.
  10. Misscellanio

    FIENDship Is Magic #1

    Amazing cover! I loved Fiendship is Magic. Nightmare Moon's story kind of sucked. Chrysalis had the best one. Then it was Sombra. Then between Dazzlings and Tirek
  11. Any american bronies of mexican or latino descent that wanna have a conversation? About serious topic. PM me :D

  12. Misscellanio

    Hello a new mexican brony enter

    Hello! Welcome to forum! I am american who's ancestors are of mexican descent Also I have also only been a brony for a little more than a year but been part of this forum for a while
  13. Misscellanio


    ALright I'm back and I have to put this new song by Foozogz. I can't stop listening to it. Sounds amazing!
  14. Misscellanio

    If Keijo were Real...

    I don't think countries really have anything to do with it but the individuals who would play such a ridiculous and degrading game XD
  15. Misscellanio


    Fuck yea! Foozogz is very talented. I love alot of his tracks and this one I have in my pony playlist. I didn't get to see him perform last year at Whinny City Ponycon, but hopefully he comes back this year
  16. Misscellanio


    Can't believe people still comment here XD Anyway, this is a new song Ponyphonic that fills my eyes with tears. Incredible and beautiful song. Rather new too.
  17. Any brony artists that you don't listen to anymore? Whether it's because they changed up their style or their music is just weak? Or other reasons
  18. What is your take on them? I was just in one a thread and the guy was complaining about some stuff and later on says how he wants the show to crash and burn. In my opinion they are deplorable. It's one thing to complain about the show/critique but it's another to literally bitch about what's happening. And to say things like the above. Especially if you post it on a thread or blog so other could share their opinions and then you bitch to them for not agreeing with you. So you, what do you guys think of them?
  19. Trump winning is making me sick to my stomach. Seriously this guy is a tumor in the heart of America.

    1. "User"


      Symptom of a much larger problem plaguing both parties tbh. 

  20. Misscellanio

    Ambient - The Horse Game

    Yea saw it a week ago on Patreon. I AM 100% PSYCHED!
  21. Because the season finale is two episodes is it going to extend past it's usual time or be before it? For example in CST new episodes come on at 10:30am so would part 2 start at 11:00am?

  22. Re-watched the newest episode today and even though I still think it's weak I actually like. Pretty entertaining to watch.

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    2. Misscellanio


      I don't really call it competition XD I found it enjoyable, in cute and funny sense more than in a story telling, emotional, surprising, etc. It didn't really offer anything new but I'm able to enjoy it. Would have rather seen Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's reunion at Cloudsdale XD

      Funny that you mention Viva Las Pegasus because that's the only episode of mlp I do not enjoy and I consider to have 0 rewatchability.

    3. Nuke87654


      I thought it was a silly and fun episode meant to just to be a fun episode. Sure it held little of actual importance to the series and I wasn't a fan of how the trio's characterizations were sacrificed a bit for the sake of humor, but still it was a fun episode and if it had aired in say S1, I feel that the characterization problem would've been mitigated.

    4. Lord Seraph

      Lord Seraph

      It was about time they showed us the seas and ships.

  23. Just bought an All American Rejects song on Itunes XD

    1. Captain Whirlwind
    2. Misscellanio


      Yea me neither. Only like 3 songs

  24. Sigh damn this cold weather. Give me back my nice sizzling heat!:anger:

    1. Lord Seraph

      Lord Seraph

      Sun feels a lot better in cold weather.

    2. Misscellanio


      Well for you XD

      I despise cold weather