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  1. Jigglysaint

    G3 Ponies Thread

    Minty was the original Derpy, and was even voiced by Tabitha. Too bad nobody thought to model Derpy after Minty. I wish I could find a G3 Pinkie Pie plushie. Only likeness I can find are pinatas, even even those are getting replaced by G4.
  2. Watched the first 2 in the theater. Watched Friendship Games while stuck in bed in a nursing home. This time I'm thinking about getting Netflix for my new computer so I can watch it there. Honestly, out of the ones that have been out so far, Rainbow Rocks is my favorite. Rarely does the climax of a movie go in exactly the direction you want it to. I don't mean you can see it coming, but that you think "wouldn't it be cool if" and then it happens. Also I got my copy of Equestria Girls signed by Andrea Libman and Cathy Weseluck.
  3. Jigglysaint

    G3 Ponies Thread

    Hehe, I bet I was one of them.
  4. The theme of the season is "Travel Equestria". Too bad nobody told the cameras that!
  5. Jigglysaint

    What if a cast member passed away?

    Most likely the show would be put on hiatus while they question whether it's best for the show to keep going or to end it. In fact I bet that Hasbro already has an exit strat in case something like this does happen. This is a good reminder though, why getting too attached to a show or it's cast can be hard on some people. I am reminded of somebody who was a very big fan of a certain internet reviewer who unfortunately went on to take their own life. The fan was deeply saddened as that person brought them joy and helped them through a hard time in their life. Sometimes life happened and great shows get cut down in their prime, much like their cast. We are all pretty lucky that Friendship Is Magic has lasted 6 seasons, with a feature length movie on the way as well as a 7th season. Whatever happens, I hope the show will be able to continue for as long as it can.
  6. Jigglysaint

    G3 Ponies Thread

    I would imagine so considering it's the only series going on at the moment besides Equestria Girls. Also as far as I'm aware, Jansye isn't in the brony loop so I don't know if she knows what she is getting herself into. Still, I like G3 Pinkie Pie's voice, and she's been on a few other cartoons I've watched including Dragon Tails, where she played an Alicorn named Enuice, and also Conan The Adventurer, a show I watched religiously as a child.
  7. Jigglysaint

    G3 Ponies Thread

    Just checked my Twitter and Janyse Jaud, voice of G3 Pinkie Pie said she is voicing a character for My Little Pony tomorrow. G3 Pinkie Pie is my waifu. Don't ask.