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  1. mylittleyuri

    MLP Comics!

    Multipart sorta like a fanfic but in comic form.
  2. mylittleyuri

    Is the show too slice of life?

    I love the fantasy type episodes but the slice of life are cute too. Any pony is good pony!
  3. mylittleyuri

    MLP anime franchise idea

    I NEED
  4. Hi, so for the longest of time I've always wanted to draw a mlp comic but I'm not very good at writing plots for them so if anyone would like to collaborate with me that would be amazing! My deviantart is here. I'm not the most experienced artist as I've only been drawing for 4 years but I have all the programs needed to draw and put text in comics. I'm willing to do comics on anything as long as it won't really have sexual content as that makes me uncomfortable.
  5. mylittleyuri

    MLP Comics!

    Tbh I wanna do one but I suck at plots rip
  6. Go to a pony con! I already own wigs for both Fluttershy and Twilight. Buy more pony merch! (I mean I already have $300 worth but that isn't enough)
  7. mylittleyuri

    Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

    I never thought about the ages but I did think it was creepy because I feel he may be (one of) the antagonist(s) of EQG4 and he knew twilight had magic and wants to use that magic for not so good things and basically I feel he may not have any real feelings for twilight.
  8. mylittleyuri

    New pegasister here!

    Hello Aaron
  9. mylittleyuri


    How are you?
  10. mylittleyuri

    New pegasister here!

    Ooooo I love roleplay. One little question, is it literate?
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  13. mylittleyuri

    New to the Forum, not the fandom!

  14. mylittleyuri

    Hello ^-^

    Hello maker!